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20 Canvas Wall Art Ideas to decorate home Walls

by Safeer Ahmed June 11, 2018 6 min read

Best 20 Canvas Wall Art Ideas

Wall art is gaining popularity as people are now using more and more wall arts to design their homes. By using wall arts, people get a lot of options that they can use in order to decorate their room walls which otherwise had been providing a dull look all the time such as custom canvas prints. We will now take you through some of the best wall art ideas that you can use for your room walls.

dolphins wall art

Here is list of 20 Canvas Wall art ideas

1.     Cars Wall Art

This particular wall art is specifically for all the car lovers out there who not only want to drive the best cars on the road but also prefer to have the best cars wall artin their rooms as well. You can get different car images as your canvas print in 1, 3, or 5 piece canvas wall art. From Mercedes to Tesla, you can have it all on your wall through different cars wall art.


2.     Panda Canvas Wall Art

Pandas are said to be the most fun-loving animals of all time and it is just great to have these fun-loving animals on your wall as your canvas wall art. By having Panda wall art, you can have a feeling of fun and joy all the time with as you will only get to see the wall art where the pandas are usually enjoying their time with each other and making the most out of it.

3.     Mountain Canvas Wall Art

Not everyone gets the privilege to go and see the mountains or to live by them. Living near to the mountains has its own charm as you can get the best possible view that you can imagine and if there is a lake by its side then the beauty of the view just enhances by miles. Getting mountain canvas wall artin your room can give you the feeling of waking up every day right next to the mountain view which is a brilliant feeling overall.

4.     Ocean Wall Art

Another natural popular wall art amongst people is the ocean wall art where you can get different wall art pertaining to the ocean itself and to the high rise waves of the ocean. The ocean wall artwill give you a scenic view in your room with blue waves visible in the wall art which will further enhance the overall look of the room.


5.     Great Wall Canvas Art

There are seven wonders of the world and each one of them has its own charm and beauty. One of them is the Great Wall of China that you can have on your room as canvas wall art. You can have the great wall artat the time of sunset or sunrise, the two most popular times in which the beauty of the Great Wall can be witnessed.

6.     Castles Wall Art

There was a time when castles were said to be the most prominent thing in the entire community. The castles were used to describe the legacy and the power of the king who resided in it. You can have the wall art of castleson your wall as they will show the love for power and the huge structures that you just only see in buildings now.

7.     Baseball Wall Art

Sports is one thing that can get everyone united on a single platform and baseball is one such sport where you will see remarkable teamwork from all members of the team. You can get your baseball wall artplayers in action or of the baseball ground in which the live action is being played and even of the baseball ball that is being used in the match.

8.     Casino Wall Art

Everyone in their lifetime may have got a feeling that they should visit casino once in their lifetime when they get the opportunity. But not everyone can go to the casino. But everyone can get a casino wall arton their walls where you can get casino roulette in action in a multi-panel canvas wall art that just depicts how quickly things can change in a blink of an eye.

9.     Chess Wall Art

While sport is usually attributed with fun and physical activities, there is one game that you can win just by using your brain and that is none other than Chess. Just imagine how cool your chess room wall artwill look if you have canvas print of a Queen knocking of the King to win the game for you. That shows the power you can have with the canvas art.

10. Football Wall Art

You just cannot miss any chance to have the world’s most popular game in your room wall as canvas wall art. The football wall art can be used in different ways including the use of your favorite players in action while playing the game. Or you can also use football itself as canvas wall art in order to show your love for the game.

11. Snooker Wall Art

Of the indoor games that are played the most, snooker is probably the most popular games of all time. There are different types of snooker games that are played and you can have them all as your canvas wall art. But it is the pool game that tops the rest as it is the most traditional game of snooker and the red cherries on wall art just give the colors to the wall that you have been looking for.

12.Hockey Wall Art

This game is probably the quickest game amongst all the games even ahead of football. The scoreline and the gameplay change rapidly in this particular game so you need to be quick and that too in placing it as your hockey canvas wall art. Select your best players and get their canvas print while they are in action.

13. Islam Wall Art 

If you are a Muslim and you practice and preach the religion with your heart than this particular wall art is for you only. You can get Islam wall art canvas printed of mosques and other religious places on your wall so that you can keep them close to your eyes. The closer they will be the more you will be inclined towards the religion.

14. Brazil Wall Art

Having Brazil wall art from your particular country is something to be proud of and if you have that of Brazil then you can have plenty of options in it. You can use different forests and waterfalls as you canvas wall art and even take football as your wall art with the particular sport being followed crazily in the country.

15. Lions Wall Art

Being the king of the jungle you ought to have the canvas wall art of the king on your walls as it will give you the fearless feeling that you have wanted all the time. So if you are fearless just like the lion in the jungle then go for this particular lions wall art in your room.

16. Arms and Ammo Wall Art

Guns are said to be the best friend of a man and if that is the case then you need to have these as your arms and ammo wall art in your room. You can either go for sniper rifles or revolver rifles or handgun or even their ammo as your wall art to give the gangster look to your room.

17. World Map Wall Art

World is a beautiful place to live in and we have got the world map that tells us about all the places where humans are residing. You can have the world map wall art on your walls where all the continents are being defined and differentiated with each other.

18. Cryptocurrency Wall Art

The rise and shine of cryptocurrencies over the past year or so has made everyone a fan of it with people investing crazily in these cryptocurrencies. Thus if you are an investor in any cryptocurrency then you better have a cryptocurrency wall art in your room for cryptocurrencies as well.

19. Astronomy Wall Art

Astronomy is that one field where you are working tirelessly away from the world and you need to get the credit for it. Thus having astronomy wall art on your room wall can give you an idea of all the hard work that the astronomers have been putting through.

astronomy wall art

20. Love Wall Art

Love is a sign of peace amongst everyone and we need to keep this peace alive in this world so that there are only love and no war. This love wall art message can be displayed on your wall so that only peace prevails and there is no war at all.

Note: this was list of Best canvas wall art ideas. if you want custom Canvas please quote us we will make customized canvas prints for wall art.