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5 Easy Ways To Hang Canvas Art

by Iqra Tariq May 10, 2021 3 min read

Canvas wall art is a new and uprising décor element in the interior decoration of the house. Canvas wall art doesn't only give a whole new life to the walls of the room but it also lets your home breathe. Canvas wall art is today’s significant form of home décor or wall décor.

After buying the wall art, everyone faces the problem of hanging it. It is quite difficult to choose the right color, suitable theme, and appropriate color for the artwork. Hence this article will help you find the best place to hang the artwork, a combination of colors to be chosen, and the right theme for your home. read the article to know a lot more about hanging canvas wall art.

Why Appropriate Hanging of Canvas Art is Necessary:

Hanging of canvas wall art is an art. It takes time and creativity because a misplaced artwork may ruin its purpose. So depending upon the piece of art it is important to place it in the right order. Canvas wall art is a very fine kind of wall décor and its purpose is to turn the bare blank home into a more inviting one. Here are several reasons due to which an appropriate hanging of canvas wall art is necessary:

  • The artwork may lack its beauty when placed in the wrong place.
  • Inappropriate placement of artwork creates tension for the eye.
  • The wrong location of the artwork gives a congested look to your room.
  • If the wall art is not placed in the central point then your visitor may find it odd.
  • As right placement of wall art gives life to your room hence the bad placement will make it more boring and bare.

Eventually, it is crucial to find and choose the right place for the placement of the wall art. As far as placement is concerned, you may find it difficult on how to hang the canvas wall art. Here in this article, you will find 5 easy ways to hang canvas art with the help of different tools. The basic tools required to hang the canvas wall art are as below:

Tools for Hanging a Canvas Wall Art:

Tools are an important thing when it comes to the hanging of canvas wall art. Some of the most used are already available at your home. Whereas if you find some, you can get them from the nearest hardware shop. The most used tools are:

  • Hammer.
  • Wall Protector Pads.
  • Pencil.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Spirit Level.
  • Tape Measure etc. 

5 Easy Ways to Hang Canvas Art

Let's get started on the various ways you can complete the task of putting your canvas art on your walls. Keep all of the basic tools on hand for each of these approaches, as discussed above. They'll make it a lot easier to hang a canvas.


Small and medium canvases can look best with nails. Choose nails that are appropriate for the size of the canvas. Small nails would look great on a small 810 canvas, but a medium-sized nail will look better on a 16" 16"  or 20" 30" canvas. Nails made of brass or steel can easily penetrate the wall without chipping or damaging it.

Sawtooth Bracket:

Sawtooth brackets come in a variety of sizes, so make sure you choose the right one for your canvas. The center of the frame should still have these brackets.


When you have a large or wide canvas, J-hooks are a great choice. The hooks are available in a variety of sizes and with one or two nails. For lighter, smaller canvases, a basic, smaller hook will be better, whereas hooks that require two nails would carry more weight.


Pro framing stores use eye hooks a lot, but you'll be surprised how simple they are to use at home. Small eye hooks are strong enough to hold a canvas and take up little space between the wall and the frame.

Adhesive Strips:

Adhesive strips may be the simplest form of all. The majority of adhesive hanging items are designed to prevent wall damage. They're easy to use and typically come with velcro and adhesive combination. Before you begin, make sure you know the weight of your canvas, as most adhesive strip items clearly state the weight capacity on their packaging which usually ranges from four to sixteen pounds.