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50+ Best Islamic Wall art Canvas Prints Ideas for Home Decor

by Safeer Ahmed September 16, 2019 4 min read

Islamic wall art is one of the most common types of wall arts used by Muslims to decorate their homes in the most religious and fabulous ways. The Islamic wall art has a very long history which goes hundreds of years back, and the popularity goes on increasing over time.

The main reason of popularity of this wall art is that the Muslims tend to involve their religion in every course of life. You will find Islam in their studies, businesses, lifestyle, and even their home decors.

The concept and ideas put into the different kinds of Islamic wall arts by the painters are what you will find interesting. There are hundreds or probably thousands of Islamic wall art ideas that you will find on the internet to decorate your house religiously.

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What is the Core of Islam Wall Art?

Of course, everything has a core. There is the main constituent of anything that is made. So talking about the base, calligraphy is the core of Islamic Wall Art. An artist can write the Quranic Verses, Duas, Ahadiths, Adkaars, Asma ul Husna, Asma ul Nabi and many other Islamic things in the most beautiful handwriting. There are many ways and styles to draw an Islamic wall art calligraphic masterpiece.  

Where to apply Islamic wall art Canvas?

Islamic wall art can be used in a variety of different places. The application of Islamic paintings is quite a versatile one. You can hang them on the walls of your apartment, home or even the hotel. The uses do not end here. You can also hang them to decorate your office, school or libraries. Islamic art can surely bring inner peace in your mind and will surely bring some prosperity in your business or home.

Old Time vs The Present Era:

The word “Islam Art” is used by the people for the artwork created and painted by both the Muslim and non-Muslim artists in the places where Muslims ruled after the 7th century. There are various types of art categories that you will find along with the calligraphic masterpieces.

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Islamic Monuments Wall art:

The word monument is used for the building that the Muslims have built. Whether it is the mosque of Quba (the first mosque) or the mosque of Cordoba (the mosque built in Spain), all are called monuments. Not only the mosques but also the Taj Mahal and libraries in Iraq are also the part of Islamic monuments.

The Muslim culture and art are evident in the building and artworks created in the places where the Muslims once lived or still live. Islamic architecture can be seen in the personal palaces of the Muslim rulers and even the public areas. Moreover, the basic features of the construction of Muslim mosques are the same all over the world. You can see minarets on every mosque and madrassas.

Islamic Art Today:

The times of making monuments are gone. People have switched from the traditional ways of adopting the Islamic culture in their households. Now people prefer to the less space-consuming, less bulky, inexpensive, durable, easy to adjust and exceptional things in their homes. That's the reason why Muslims all over the world are adopting the Islam canvas wall art instead of going for the more expensive or space consuming options. We have almost 50 + Islamic wall art ideas to decorate home walls.

Benefits of Islam wall arts and Islam wall decals:

A Way To Greet:

You can hang the Islam wall art on the entrance of your home. An excellently drawn calligraphic greeting can bring away more positive welcome to the guests than a mere hello. This way of unexpected greeting will surely induce a wave of positivity among your guests.

A Way To Decorate homes with Islam wall art décor:

Islamic wall art can be used to decorate your home. As mentioned above, it provides an excellent classy and religious look to your room, apartment, study room, library or any other place. Buy a compelling set of furniture and bright lighting to add more intensity to your décor.

An easy decoration for the tenants:

If you do not own a house and live on rent. Islamic art can serve as the most comfortable home decoration product that you can take with yourself while shifting your luggage from one apartment to another. The Islamic wall art also has a religious influence on your new room or home.

A workplace advantage:

Hanging an Islam art on the wall of your office or workplace, which has a quote or verse which teaches harmony or honesty can have a positive impact on your employees. Whenever they would see the wall art, they will find the motivation to work in the best of the ways.

Radiant of Positive Energy:

According to researches, the people who start their day by looking at something positive have a better day as compared to the people starting the day on a negative note.

Islamic wall art can assure absorption of positive radiations that it emits when you open your eyes up and see it.

A Perfect Gift:

The uniqueness of the design and orientation of each Islam canvas from the other ones is undoubtedly what makes it a perfect gift. Everyone expects a gift to be different from anything else that he or she has. So definitely any Islam canvas will be different from the other relative things.

A connection with the Almighty:

Imagine coming from a tiresome day at work. You sit in your room, sipping a cup of tea and looking at the Islam canvas wall art. You will forget all your stress and will sink into religious thoughts. You will think unintentionally about the world hereafter which is waiting for you, and you will feel that Almighty is with you, no matter what.

Other wall arts that you can search for:

There are other wall arts apart from the Islam canvas wall art. You can add colours to your life by adding a collection of different types of custom canvas wall arts. Abstract wall art, beach wall art, waterfall wall art, etc. are some of the most popular types of custom canvas wall art. If you feel any problem in buying Islam wall art, please quote us. We are here to help you.