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Best Music Room Decor Ideas to Fuel Your Creativity

by Jabbar Hussain March 14, 2024 6 min read


If you love music, then having a dedicated music room at home is a dream come true. It's a place to practice, create, and enjoy your favorite sounds. But making your music room amazing means more than just storing your gear. How you decorate your room will affect your mood and inspire your creativity.

Let's explore some awesome ideas to turn your music room into an awesome space! Whether you're into a vintage feel or a modern look, we'll find ways to make it special.

1. Acoustic Treatment: It's Not Just About Looks

Before we talk about making things look good, let's focus on how your room sounds. Good acoustics are important for practice and to fully enjoy your music. Imagine playing and all the sound bouncing around, making everything muddy. That won't help you get inspired!

Acoustic panels are your best friend when it comes to managing your room's sound. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and they help absorb excess sound reflections. You don't have to cover your walls entirely – a few strategically placed panels will make a big difference. Bass traps are a must-have if you get those rumbly low frequencies building up in the corners of your room. They'll help clear up the sound, giving you a better sense of what you're actually playing. And if you're on a budget, get creative! Thick rugs, heavy curtains, and even bookshelves filled with books can help manage the sound in your room.

Acoustic treatment

2. Personalized Color Palette: Set the Mood

The colors you choose for your music room can really affect how you feel!  Think about what kind of music you play. If it's fast and energetic, then bright colors like red, orange, and yellow could get you pumped up. These colors make you feel excited and ready to rock!

For calmer music like classical or blues, cooler colors work better. Think blues, greens, and purples. These have a chill vibe and can help you focus and relax. Or, if you like lots of different music, a neutral background is a great idea. Grays, whites, and beige let you bring pops of color with pillows, posters, and decorations to match whatever mood you're in.

Personalized Color Palette:

3. Lighting: Create the Perfect Vibe

Ditch those harsh overhead fluorescent lights! They have no place in a music room. Good lighting is essential for setting the vibe, allowing you to focus when you need to, and creating a sense of warmth and intimacy during those late-night jam sessions.

Dimmable lights are a lifesaver in a music room. They give you flexibility – you can crank up the brightness for focused practice sessions or dial the light down for those moody songwriting moments.  Accent lighting adds another layer of depth. Highlight your favorite instruments, artwork, or even a cool-looking amp with focused spotlights or LED strips. Imagine how awesome a softly lit guitar display would look in your space!

If you're lucky enough to have a window in your music room, let that natural light shine in! Position your instruments so that they don't get direct sunlight (you don't want to damage the finish), but enjoy the energy boost that comes from a bit of daylight. If natural light isn't an option, experiment with different types of warm, inviting light sources like floor lamps or table lamps to create a cozy atmosphere.


4. Instruments as Decor: Show 'Em Off!

Your instruments aren't just tools – they're works of art in their own right!  Embrace them as part of your room's decor.  A beautifully crafted guitar hanging on your wall is more than just a place to store it – it's a statement piece.

Wall mounts are a great way to display guitars, ukuleles, or even hand percussion instruments while saving floor space. Look for interesting shapes and finishes on the mounts to complement your overall decor style. Stands can be a stylish way to showcase larger instruments like keyboards, cellos, or a drum kit. Go for modern and sleek stands for a contemporary room, or perhaps something more ornate if you're leaning towards a vintage vibe.

If space is tight, get creative! A repurposed bookshelf or vintage trunk can hold smaller instruments and accessories while adding a touch of character to the room. Display those sheet music collections, capos, and effect pedals in an organized and stylish way – they're part of what makes your music room unique.


5. Vintage Vibe: Embrace Music History

Infuse your music room with a touch of nostalgia and tap into the rich history of music.  If you're a fan of classic albums, old-school instruments, or just love the timeless feel of a worn-in leather armchair, a vintage vibe might be exactly what you need to get inspired.

Scour flea markets, thrift stores, and antique shops for treasures. Look for old records (the album art alone is a decor element), vintage music posters, or antique music memorabilia. Even old radios or gramophones can become striking conversation pieces.  Framing album covers is the perfect way to bring your favorite bands and eras into your space. Create an eye-catching gallery wall with those iconic album covers – it's like a visual playlist of your life's soundtrack.

Repurposing old music gear is another great way to add vintage charm. Turn an old turntable, cassette player, or even a vintage microphone into a unique decorative piece. These items have personality and tell a story, instantly making your music room feel a little more lived-in and soulful.

Vintage Vibe

6. Personal Touches: Reflect Your Unique Style

Your music room isn't just about instruments and gear, it's about YOU!  Add things that show off your personality and inspire you. This is what makes your space different from anyone else's.

Think about the bands and artists you love. Posters, photos, or framed memorabilia can be great additions. Or maybe you have some of your own artwork or pictures from cool concerts you attended. Display those proudly!

Plants make any room feel more alive. Pick ones that are easy to care for and fit the size of your space. Plus, they help a little bit with the sound, too!  And don't forget about mementos that hold special meaning –  a ticket stub from your first big concert, a note from a music teacher, or even an old guitar pick with sentimental value. These little touches create a sense of history and belonging.

Personal touches

7. Comfort Zone: Make It a Place You Love to Be

Your music room should be somewhere you love to spend time.  It's not just about how it looks, but how it feels!  That means comfortable furniture and the right tools for your music-making.

A comfy chair or couch is a must, whether you're taking a break, reading lyrics, or getting lost in an album.  Add some pillows and a throw blanket for cozy vibes. If you're short on space, even a big bean bag chair can do the trick.

Make sure you have a dedicated spot to take notes, write songs, or even do a little research on gear or music theory. A small desk or side table is perfect. Add a fun lamp for focused light and some storage to keep pens, paper, and other supplies organized.

Comfort zone

8. Tech Setup: Organize and Optimize

If you use technology in your music creation (and most of us do!), then keeping it organized is important.  Nothing kills the mood like tripping over cables or searching for that adapter you KNOW you have somewhere!

A power strip with surge protection is great for keeping everything plugged in safely.  Cable ties or velcro strips can help wrangle those unruly cords. Consider a small shelf or rack system to keep mixers, pedals, or other small gear off the floor, organized, and easy to reach.

And let's not forget the most important tech item of all – your speakers or headphones! Invest in a decent set for quality sound. This helps you hear the details in your playing or really get immersed in your favorite tunes for inspiration.

tech setups

9.  Room to Grow: Embrace Change

Your music room doesn't have to be finished all at once.  It's okay (and fun!) for it to change as you do. That's part of being creative!

As your gear collection grows, find stylish ways to add new storage or display areas. If your taste in décor changes, swap out a few posters or rearrange furniture for a fresh look. Maybe you'll discover a new instrument to add or even decide to dedicate a corner for recording.  Your music room should evolve with you!

Remember, the most important part of creating an awesome music room is to make it a place that sparks your joy and helps you express yourself. Don't be afraid to experiment, try new things, and let your personality shine through.  Music is always changing, and so should your creative space!  Now, go make some beautiful music!