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Black and White Interior - Ways to Get the Chic Look

by Iqra Tariq May 12, 2022 2 min read

Decorating using black and white can result in striking and dramatic outcomes. Learn how to make the most of the combination of these two simple colors to make the most of your decorating statement.

Decorating with black and white offers any room a fresh, clean, undeniably sophisticated, and attractive appeal. Any decorating style will benefit from the use of black and white. Black and white and sleek metals are frequently used in contemporary interiors, and this color combination is commonly used in the French Country décor style.

Black and White Décor Tips:

A black and white floor is a great place to start for black and white design. Beautiful black marble with tall white baseboard moldings would be the ideal choice. If that's not an option, consider white ceramic tiles with a black border, vinyl tiles in alternating black and white squares, a painted black floor with white border stencils, or a white base with black stencils.

Black and White Color Wall Décor:

Framed photographs, posters, and other artwork look great against stark white or a soft, ivory-white background. Choose frames made of dark wood or painted black. Choose stark black and white matting for your artwork, or use red, gold, or black mats to add a pop of color.

Svartifoss Black Waterfall Canvas Wall Art

Combination of Black and White:

Black and white are used in a variety of ways in contemporary homes. Dark charcoal rugs or carpeting are ideal, and you are not compelled to paint all of the walls the same color. For a focal point, use bold accent colors. Colorful artwork, metal accessories with a gleaming or matte finish, and materials with a modern design are all excellent ideas.

Modify all other Colors with Black and White:

Black iron accent items are pretty popular and easy to come by. In the dining room, use a black metal table base with a glass top, black iron candlesticks and lamp fixtures, and black iron bookends in the family room or home office.

Look for black-and-white dinnerware to make a dramatic table arrangement. It's OK to go all white or all black. For the most versatility, choose plain white base mats. A room can be elevated simply by adding a dash of black to it, and black adds depth and highlights color and structure. Placing a photograph or artwork in a black frame is the same as using black in a room, highlighting the design's subtleties.