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How to Take Proper Care of Canvas Wall Art?

by Iqra Tariq September 01, 2021 2 min read

How to Take Proper Care of Canvas Wall Art?

A white cotton cloth soaked in gentle soapy water, such as olive oil-based soap, is the simplest way to clean an oil or acrylic painting on canvas. You'll be shocked at how much filth can be removed. If you're working with thick impasto, be gentle because you don't want to shatter the hardened paint.

Canvas Wall Art:

A canvas print is an attractive way to exhibit your favorite photo. The top online providers offer materials that bring out the brilliant colors of your images while giving your wall art a unique texture.


Maintenance of Canvas Wall Art:

Maintaining that gleam for years, though, necessitates extra attention. When it comes to cleaning, canvas might be more delicate than other print mediums. We'll go over everything you need to know about caring for your canvas prints in this article.

Tips to take care of Canvas Wall Art:

Avoid Direct Exposure to Sunlight:

Hanging your canvas print in a well-lit part of your home can bring out the colors in it, especially if it's a sweeping landscape or a substantial piece of art. However, you should avoid putting your print in direct sunlight for long periods. Although most canvas prints are treated with a UV-resistant coating, prolonged exposure to bright sunlight can cause your photo to fade.

Keep it at Dry Place:

When determining where to hang your artwork, consider temperature and humidity in addition to avoiding direct sunlight. Heat and moisture might cause your canvas to stretch over time, so it's best to keep it cool and dry.

Don't Use Chemicals:

Don't use a chemical-based cleaner if a moist cloth can't remove dirt or grime from your canvas print. Household cleaning chemicals can damage your print's UV coating or possibly remove some of the ink. Once you've gotten chemicals on your canvas, getting them out without destroying your image might be difficult or impossible.

Avoid Rubbing & Ensure Dusting:

Like any other fixture in your home, a canvas print can accumulate dust and cobwebs over time. When it's time for a cleaning, wipe the print's surface with a feather duster. To remove dust or other debris from the print, never rub it with your fingers or nails since this can harm the material.


It's easy to keep your canvas looking vibrant and new for years to come. Just make sure to place your artwork carefully and use only gentle cleaning techniques to prolong its life. With proper care, you can genuinely enjoy it for a whole lifetime.