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How to Decorate the Wall you Hang your TV on

by Iqra Tariq February 10, 2021 3 min read

It’s very important to place different things on walls to enhance the overlook of the room and ultimately it gives a good impression to the viewers. So everything needs to be placed correctly like wall clocks, wall hangings, paintings, decorations, etc. Everything should be placed in a very appropriate style. So when we think of decorating the wall where we have mounted our TV, some simple and quick ideas can give you a better understanding of how to decorate the wall.

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Decorate the Wall you Hang your TV On

Usually, our living room’s long wall owns a TV, so the placement of it must be preferred obliquely to the placement of the couch. Television needs to be mounted on the long wall along with some pickups. Longwall cannot be left vacant because it the only space that entices or divert a viewer. So longwalls should be given keen importance.

How to decorate the Wall you hang your TV on

Hence if you are looking for a more minimal approach to decorating the space around your mounted TV? Try hanging a shelf above and below the TV. The bottom one will act as a credenza while the top one will provide space to put plants and frames and knick-knacks. Some major and most preferable ideas for TV mounted wall are as bellows:

Floating Shelves

The best option to place on TV mounted wall is a floating rack. Place a floating rack under the television and place some embellishments on it. You can place floating racks above and below the television where on the bottom racks you can place books, accents, photo frames, and on the top shelve you can place plants and flowers to add the natural touch to your home.

How to decorate the Wall you hang your TV on


Placement of bookshelf around your mounted TV is the best option. Design a customize bookshelf according to the size of the wall and fit it under the TV. Place your books on it and arrange them in proper symmetry. Place same colors of books on the same rack and hence maintain the color sequence throughout the rack. This will give the best outlook and you’ll have a combined atmosphere of a reading room and the living room together.

How to decorate the Wall you hang your TV on

Wall Art

Another impressive option for the decoration of a large wall around your mounted television is the placement of wall art. Wall art provides a greater extent of view to the viewer and your living room will look so natural and inviting. The finishing factor that can help bring a room together and make it feel complete is wall art. It is that little extra touch that can take your room from only looking functional to feeling as if the pages of an interior design magazine should be graced.

How to decorate the Wall you hang your TV on

Mini Table

To manage the extra gadgets of the television you can place a mini wooden or iron table underneath. You can place remote, speakers, Bluetooth devices, and other relevant accessories on it. A mini table could help you a lot whether in placing major décor items on it or use as a functional table while hangovers and gathering.

A wall-mounted with a TV should be decorated with overhaul attention because the living room is the place where we spend most of the time, so, it should be neat, clean, and well decorated.

How to decorate the Wall you hang your TV on