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Spruce Up Your Laundry Room - Simple Tips to Decorate Laundry Room

by Iqra Tariq April 27, 2021 4 min read

Are you surrounded by the mess and unwanted clutter in your laundry room? Do you know you can clean it out of nowhere! Just some simple amendments will make your laundry room look organized and decorated. In this article, you will get to know how you can decorate your laundry room.

Laundry Room:

A laundry room (also known as a utility room) is a space where laundry is washed and dried. A traditional laundry room is found in the basement of older houses, but it can also be found on the first floor near the kitchen or upstairs near the bedrooms in many modern homes.

Spruce Up Your Laundry Room -

Although remodeling an existing laundry room won't add much to the financial value of your house, if you don't have a first-floor laundry room today, you might be disappointing potential buyers and lowering the value of your home.

Appropriate Laundry Room Size:

Based on nearly 40 years of experience with laundry rooms, I believe that one of these rooms should be at least 9 feet wide by 11 feet tall. The bigger the better. The room's entrance door must be at least 32 inches high. The majority of them are just 30 inches tall.

Essentials of Laundry Room:

  • Bleach is a disinfectant.
  • Sheets for the dryer.
  • Removers of stains and odors.
  • You'll need something else to finish your laundry.
  • Sewing and ironing supplies.
  • Cleaning Supplies.
  • Extra Towels.

Knowing the need for laundry rooms and their cleanliness, it is mandatory to clean, decorate, and organize the laundry room. All the essentials of the laundry room should be kept in their proper place and maintained regularly. So here the tips to decorate the laundry room of the house:

Spruce Up Your Laundry Room

Tips to Decorate Laundry Room:

You must use bright colors for laundries. Mostly the bright colors include vibrant citrus tones like orange, yellow and red, etc.  And you can use ceramic tails which enhance the beauty of your laundry. The back is not compulsory because any wall of the laundry is used for this purpose.

Your laundry should look decent and must be organized. Maintain the color coherence of the overall laundry. You can adjust the things according to their sizes and color. Here are some quick tips to arrange and decorate your laundry.

  1. Use glass jar instead of packets

Glass jars look sophisticated and show a specific coherence, hence glass jars should be placed in the laundry. You can unpack your items like soap, detergent, etc, and put them in the glass jars. This will give your laundry a whole new look.

  1. Use the proper combination of colors

Try to place things closer to their color match. Like if you have green-colored clothes then all of them should be placed together. You can follow the same rule for the rest of the colors too. Things should be also placed according to color scheming.

  1. Proper arrangement of things

Don’t let the things or clothes roam around the laundry room. Uncover the dump and arrange them at their proper places. Specific arrangements of everything will help reduce time in finding certain things and it would look cool too. So arrangement should be maintained throughout the laundry room.

  1. Do not use many bright colors

The laundry room should be painted in dull pastel colors with a touch of slightly bright ones. Try not to use many bright colors as it will diminish the outlook of your laundry. Subtle colors with a good mix of blunt ones can improve the expression of your laundry room.


  1. Choose quality material

Do not consider the laundry room as a side room which shouldn’t be given keen importance. In fact, your laundry room is an important place in your home as your clothing is significant in your lives. So it should be decorated with full efforts and always buy quality materials for your laundry room so that you can make it sustainable.

Laundry Room Décor Via Canvas Wall Art

People also decorate the laundry room with wall art, wall stickers, or paint prints. So the walls of the laundry room could be decorated in the same manner. Firstly, you need to decide on the paint color for the laundry room. After that look for appropriate artifacts and decorate the wall of your laundry. This will turn your bored and bared laundry into an attractive and inviting one.

You can use one of the following techniques which are suitable to make Laundry Room Art. You can DIY your laundry room wall art or simply can order from Tiaracle. Look at the easy and fun tips to make a DIY laundry room canvas wall art:

  1. Canvas art

As you know canvas is the type of cloth stuffed in the frame where you print your favorite snaps and moments and hang them on the wall. You can do the same for the laundry room wall art.

  1. Abstract art

The word abstract means the use of color. Eventually knowing the color scheme of your room, you can DIY your abstract wall art for the laundry room. There is no boundary of creativity so you can go beyond your thoughts. You should make beautiful paintings of clothes which look different and attractive.

  1. Sculpture art

The word sculpture means two or three dimensions of abstract art. In this art, you can use a metal art technique. You can try everything possible to turn your laundry room into a whole new thing. So, implement the above-mentioned techniques into your laundry room and make it attractive and inviting.