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Design your Home that Fits your Life

by Iqra Tariq December 28, 2020 4 min read

A home is a place where you spend your maximum time. It is a place where you live your moments of joy, sadness, and even woe. It is a place of ultimate peace and concord. Home is like heaven to many of us. No heaven could be better than home. Therefore, it is needed to design your home with keen care and love. Make it a beautiful place to cherish livelihood. Design's beauty is its ability to morph, adapt, and integrate different factors that boost style and function. The 2020 interior design trends highlight this in a way that tells a story.

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In this article, we will discuss the trends that fits your home. We have researched with our fingers on the pulse of recent innovations. Thus, we discovered terrific ideas for you to implement and design your home that fits your life.


Let's get started with the tone/color. Another trend emerging, while the Pantone color of the year, Classic Blue, supports cool tones. One of the interior design color patterns in 2020 is the embrace of earth tones. Shades that offer warmth and a connection to the great outdoors are olive green, yellow ochre, and burnt orange. Earth tone is a multi-signified color scheme. In its narrowest sense, the color of land or soil (earth) refers to "any color containing any brown." "Natural colors" may also be referred to, such as brown earth, green leaves, cloudy skies, as well as the red sun. Hence in 2020, most preferably, earth tones are in trend, so make your home that fits your life.

Design your home that fits your life

Along with it, the imitation of natural elements of wood, plants, and metals gives furniture and accessories the ability to create a relaxing atmosphere, almost like being outdoors. This is a welcome feeling for those of us who spend a lot of time indoors. It doesn't mean you have to be neutral or too secure to go! In the form of black doors or a chocolate brown velvet sofa, Bold can happen. It can be innovative to combine these tones and deliver a beautifully grounded look.

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In 2020, we see a distinct throwback in the interior design industry. In this modern age, the re-emergence of curvy shapes is in trend. Inspired by the 60s and 70s, it is way back with a new twist and rounded furniture. Line and curve mesh to illustrate the form's elegance. We see upholstered pieces such as sofas, tables, and benches built as guidelines with undulation and furniture's asymmetry. When looking for living room design ideas, it's popular to see curved sofas because they welcome conversation. Eventually, whenever you look for buying accessories for your home, consider curved shapes, and be trendy.

Design your home that fits your life

Wall Art:

Wall art provides a finishing feature that harmoniously brings together the room's furniture, décor, lighting, and color palette. Your space will go from functional to functional and fabulous with the correct wall art. It would be best if you hang wall art in your home to create a stunning setting. Wall arts play a vital role in creating mood and clearing your mind from unsolicited thoughts. Therefore, Wall Art is considered a must in the trends of 2020. You, too, don't wait and get your hands on the fantastic wall art collection available at Tiaracle.

Design your home that fits your life  

Sustainable Design:

Sustainable design is a trend in interior design for 2020 that integrates natural components into modern designed environments that directly affect our overall health. Research indicates that incorporating the built environment of direct or indirect elements of nature has played a role in reducing stress and balancing blood pressure levels and heart rates. Also, this style of design improves efficiency, imagination, and self-reported well-being rates.

Design your home that fits your life

Russet Furniture:

Rattan and wicker furniture have also lifted the interior parts' design ladder. New, transitional, BOHO styles and more Rattan furniture provide warmth and charm that can be an ultimate goal in 2020 trends. Getting wicker pieces in your home invites organic elements that layer well with other furniture, whether they take on contemporary or more traditional shapes.

Select something light and breathable fabrics for bedding and covers. Draping material like this will turn a bed into a unique sleeping experience. Overall, this will enhance your living experience.

Design your home that fits your life

Canopy bedding:

Throwbacks continue here in bedding too, and canopy beds are no exception. With bedrooms being an oasis of warmth, having a canopy strengthens provides a touch of serenity and even luxury. Canopy beds look fantastic in any bedroom of any type. However, the bed's size and frame and the room's size must be given careful consideration. You don't want heavy-looking poles in a small space to weigh down. Sleek canopy frames of metal or acrylic may give an exciting appeal to rooms while leaving an airy space behind. This gives an instant royal look to your room and enhances the overall atmosphere of your home.

Design your home that fits your life