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Give Life to Your Blank Wall | Creative Ways to Decorate Your Blank Walls

by Iqra Tariq January 11, 2021 2 min read

Our homes are our instant place of relief. A home is a place where we feel so secured and relaxed. Indeed home is where peace is. Therefore, to make it worth living, decorate your home in a better way. Give some life to your home by bringing artifacts, natural accents, and things all.

Are you bored at home with those blank walls and want to turn them into something your room can freshen up? Well, you can select any of the below-mentioned contemporary techniques to cover your walls and give them brightness, color, and style. It is up to you how you can go with different colors, shapes, and styles.

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In this article, you will get to know more about creative ideas to cover your blank walls. You can add minimal things to your blank walls to complete the look of your room. You need to add elegant yet candid things to bring your home a homie place.

Motivational quotes

It is an amusing way to deck your bland walls by scribbling your walls or sticking wall decals from your favorite quote. Besides this, you may use motivational quotes to keep yourself motivated and productive. Scientific research has shown that motivational quotes make us feel the same as something being done.

Give Life to your Blank Wall | Creative Ways to Decorate your Blank Walls

Stones and Bricks

Leave your accent wall in a brick shape if you love the rugged look at home. Do not cover it in plaster or paint when you give other walls a contemporary look. To further improve the look, keep the focus alive, hang an art piece or a painting. A mix of traditional and contemporary look always remain in trend. Therefore, going through old schools also gives you a better option to see various things.

Give Life to your Blank Wall | Creative Ways to Decorate your Blank Walls

Hang Art

One of the standard ways of decorating blank walls is hanging art. Balance is the secret to any good interior design. When it comes to hanging photos, that means, no, you don't have to fill every wall space with photos. Empty wall space can be used to improve the décor as a critical design feature.

One of the most common decorating errors is hanging art too far. The center of the image should be at eye level. People typically sit in living rooms, so artwork should be minimized. Hanging it one hand width above the sofa is an excellent way to ensure you put artwork at the correct height.

Give Life to your Blank Wall | Creative Ways to Decorate your Blank Walls

Wall Decals

Show your artistic streak and get the exciting wall art only from Tiaracle. You can provide the backdrop with a designer look by either pasting a wallpaper or having a wall decal design. To highlight your imagination, hang a simple whiteboard in the middle. Write your favorite quote, think about the day, or paint your heart out using this whiteboard. Wall decals are the easiest and simplest way for the walls to be covered. Pick from your favorite design and art, and give a new look to your simple bare wall. If you want to change and get a new design later, go for the removable wall decal.