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Give Your Room the Mood You Want

by Iqra Tariq February 18, 2021 4 min read

Do you know wall art can bring your mood into the right place? Do you know wall art has the power to make you happy and content? Yes, Wall art doesn’t only provide beauty to your home but it also gives your room the mood you want.

Wall art has become a trend in recent times and everyone wants to have some kind of artifact in their home. Keeping in mind the importance of wall art, manufacturers have started manufacturing every type of wall art. We can see everything on the canvas prints and those canvases tell a story.

Give Your Room the Mood You Want

The color of your room significantly decides your mood. Therefore, choose colors that reflect your mood. There are several meanings of different colors like blue color represents peace and calmness, white color is more about neutral color. It insists on the fear of dirt and debris but still, it looks great. Whereas green color symbolized prosperity and reduces anxiety.

Paint color

Paint colors have the power to define and describe your mood. You need to use colors that are close to your mood swings. But here you need to understand this thing that your mood changes as per the situation so it’s not obvious that you are going to change the color of your wall as per your mood swings. To make it easy for you, here are some colors and their meaning on your mood:

Red Color

Red color is most commonly known as the color of love and it often symbolizes romance and passion. But technically, red color is good to control the blood pressure, helps regulate your blood, and normalizes your heartbeat. You can use this color for your wall coating when you have some kind of health issue regarding blood.

Give Your Room the Mood You Want

Green Color

Green color represents freshness and calmness. The green color is so restful for the mind and is known for mind-clearing and serenity. When you give your wall a green colored coat then your space looks fresh and it will encourage composure.

White Color

White is a color of peace and concord. When you paint your walls with white-colored paint then defiantly your space would look bigger and brighter. No doubt there is always a fear of dirt and wreckages but still white color looks good. But, if you have kids in your home, avoid white color paint/wall art.

Yellow Color

Yellow color gives energy and liveliness. Therefore color the walls of your kitchen or study room with yellow color because it will increase your energy and you will perform more productive.

Blue Color

Blue color symbolizes the calmness of the ocean. So paint your walls with blue color either go for dark hues or pastel ones, blue is always an appropriate color. The blue color is more preferable in summers as it gives cool and chill vibes. So the placement of blue color can change the overall vibe of your home.

Give Your Room the Mood You Want

Pink Color

Pink the color of girls, helps to relieve anger and annoyance. Pink color with pastel hues enhance the look of a room and create playfulness and liveliness in your children's room.

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Abstract Art

Abstract art is common because both the artist and the spectator have a meaning in this universe. Many people collect abstract paintings to beautify their surroundings, as an investment, or to refresh their lives with contemporary culture. A wide variety of painting styles are often covered by abstract art. You can have abstract wall art in your home to shift your attention to a great piece of artifact. The abstract doesn’t contain any solid recognizable object, hence we consider it as the most promising form of art.

Give Your Room the Mood You Want

Now the question is how abstract art can play with your mood. The trick is quite simple! Abstract art doesn’t give an absolute depiction of any object but it gives an instant effect of that object with the help of colors, shapes, lines, and texture. Abstract wall art can your mood in many ways:

  • Abstract Art transcends mood, uplifts your environment, and changes your attitude.
  • Abstract Art helps you heal and will make you happier.
  • Abstract Art gives you the freedom to explore the artwork.
  • By visualizing abstract art you give your own meanings to the piece of artifact.
  • Abstract Art also helps broaden the viewer experience.

Patterns and Shapes

Placement of different patterns and shapes helps you change your mood. Sometimes we experience bad mood swings, patterns and shapes help reduce anxiety. Patterns attain attraction so whenever you’d be in bad mood it will distract you and eventually give you peace and accomplishment. Different shapes are associated with different emotions, so let’s have a look at them and better understand which pattern or shape you are going to use in your home:

Round Shapes: Round shapes invoke complexity and promote anger and resentment.

Curved Shapes:  Curved Shapes lead to positive feelings.

Sharp Shapes: Sharp shapes trigger sharpness and a negative vibe.

Give Your Room the Mood You Want

So it’s clear that the placement of curved-shaped art can help you established a good and positive mood. In modern interior design trends, curved furniture is also considered important and liable. So one can place curved furniture in a home too to give your space the mood you want.

Decorative Effects

Decoration owns a greater effect on your mood.  Decoration helps reduce stress and makes you live happy moments in a decorative place. Decoration of several colors could help you bring your mood into a happy place. Hence, placement of decoration, some unique accents, and embellishment all way around in the home could give your room the mood you want.


So anyway, the mood is a frame of mind. It’s all about a mind game. When you will place your mind at ease, your mood would be good definitely. So these were some simple yet thoughtful tricks to place your mind at peace and convert your bad mood to the best one. Try to implement things, you think are best suitable for your space and enjoy positivity in your home.