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Change in Home decoration Trends after COVID-19

by Iqra Tariq July 31, 2021 3 min read

When the COVID-19 hit the planet everyone was restricted to home and our homes were our ultimate place to work, eat, drink, and sleep. During all this pandemic our days and nights are being spent at home and we were bound to our homes only.

Eventually, interior designers have evaluated that the decoration of a home should be convenient enough to deal with hard times like COVID-19. So minimalistic designs are more common in today’s world and everyone likes to have a minimalistic, close to nature, and clean and sustainable home. Like, say for example we are living in hard times where we would need to stay in our homes only so it should be good enough to stay there and remain calm.

Home Décor Trends after COVID-19:

Home decoration is important because home is the ultimate place to live, breathe and sleep. It should be clean enough to take a deep breath in it, it should be green enough to give you a comfortable vibe. And lastly, it should be organized enough that you could even work effectively in it.

So it’s been said that most people will focus on the outdoor décor of the homes instead of indoor decoration. Exterior designing would take the place of interior décor.  As nowadays, people like to spend time in outdoor spaces instead of congested homes so outdoor balcony décor or outdoor mini garden decoration would be more in trend these days.

Ideas for Home Decoration in 2022:

Home décor needs to be simple and realistic in the year 2022. There should be more focus on exterior décor and design must be sustainable. Here are some ideas for you to plan and implement your home décor in 2022:

Outdoor Garden:

Because bringing the design together is reliant on a person's imagination, miniature gardens expose one's creativity. Miniature gardens are often known as "fairy gardens" or "pixie gardens." These miniature gardens are made to look like a real garden, complete with your favorite flora.

Decorate the Frontal Area:                              

The door itself makes a statement if it has intricate ornamental panels or rustic accents. Your best front door decoration in that scenario might be nothing at all. So do decorate your frontal area.

Honor your Home Style:

Even if you're not an architect, you'll be able to recognize when something isn't quite right with a particular architectural style. Colonial and Cape Cod-style homes in north-eastern communities, or Craftsman bungalows and Greek revival homes in the South your home is likely to have a prominent design suited to a specific region of the country.

Personalize your Décor:

It's not a personal attack on your decorating style. Just keep in mind that anything containing your family's last name or initials should be avoided at this point. It's the same reason why you don't want personal photos in the house because it prevents people from envisioning themselves living there. We want visitors to feel as though this is a place they might call home.

Add Natural Touch:

One of the major interior design trends for the years 2021-2022 and has no intention of giving up positions in the future is the addition of natural accents. The importance of surrounding yourself with natural materials and textures has been established through house insulation. Everything, including decoration, furniture, and decor, falls under this category. So we understand that after this pandemic the addition of natural accents is going to take top priority in interior designing.