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How to Decorate a Room from Scratch

by Iqra Tariq January 27, 2022 4 min read

Moving into a new home can be exciting, but it can also be daunting when it comes to decorating it from scratch. Which color of paint should I use? Do I get a three-seater sofa or a sectional? What rug size do I require? A blank decorating canvas can seem overwhelming at first glance, but you'll discover that making choices is much easier with a project management approach to interior decorating.    

Decorate a Room from Scratch:

Find all the possible information regarding your home décor ideas and get the right inspirations. You need to figure out what exactly you need! Either you are looking for minimalist designs, or are you interested in over embellishments? You have to understand your psyche first before you jump into interior design. Determine whether you prefer marble or are going fine with carpets and rugs? Define every product, whether it's a piece of furniture or any accent, and see whether it catch your attention. The sole purpose of pre-research is to build a cohesive base and modern style for your room and do not go overboard with everything.

Once you are done with your pre-research and have planned your strategies and aesthetics for your room, you are now ready to implement it. Here you would require a paper and pen to make a list of things you need to modernize your space. List down items you need like, furniture, bedding, curtains, rugs, carpets, accents, wall art, etc. think, and think again, and don't skip anything at this point because it would be your final surfing over the room.

Ways to Decorate the Room from a Scratch:

Now that you are done with all the pre-planning, it's time to gear up. Now you have to transform and turn your room into a whole new place. Your main objective is to draw the attention of others to your room and make the maximum out of it. So here are some very easy-to-implement and fruitful ways to decorate a room from scratch:

  • Consider Time and Make Changes:

The first and foremost thing in your interior design is time management. It would be best if you planned everything according to its consequences. Say, for example, you need to do the overall setting of your room within 2 weeks, so you should design a timeline and work accordingly. Slowly and steadily, work for the betterment of your space. Take time for your observation to get enhanced and perform actively. With time try to make slight changes in every area of your room. Must you be thinking of designing your wardrobe and scheming your vanity? Make changes and see what fits well. Again, this all depends upon your inner satisfaction. Nobody will give you peace which you would find in your inner happiness. 

  • Decide Furniture and Layout:

Furniture and its placement is a real game in determining the overall outlook of your home. Deciding on the furniture is a challenging task. But we have a tip for you!

Consider the place where you are intended to place the couch. Measure the area and virtually check what fits well in your space, whether it's a 7-seater sofa set or a single couch. It depends upon your freedom and your creativity of its placement. So think wisely and set astutely.

When you've decided on a furniture layout, map out your lighting using the same floor plan. Consider all light sources pendants, flush mounts, sconces, floor lamps, and so on. Place floor lamps near lounge chairs and sofas, as well as table lamps on buffets, consoles, and side tables.

  • Accents are Must-have:

Do you know what makes your home even more inviting and attractive than just a piece of simple furniture and layout? It's the proper placement of accents. Yes, accents play a significant role in enhancing the overall outlook of the home.

So whenever you go shopping, never go out of budget for accents and supporting materials. Consider the things that you can afford and suit well with the entire setting of your room. Sometimes we love certain pieces but can't get them because of our tight budget. But that doesn't mean you could ignore it forever. Buy the same thing when you can afford it. After all, a single investment piece can transform the appearance of an entire space. Unique statement pieces are among the splurge-worthy products.

  • A Perfect Brush of Paint Color:

While you can believe that the best time to choose a paint color is at the start, we tend to do so at the end. It's easier to select a color that goes with your entire furniture collection. Select paint samples and compare them to the furniture you've chosen until you've found the ideal fit. Check them against fabric or material samples to ensure that all is in working order.

The main aim of decorating the home is to maintain the overall connection in the space. Your room should look united and unified. A perfect match of paint color with furniture, curtains, and carpets can maintain the overall cohesiveness of the room. So always think of better combinations and attractive colors to make your space inviting and attractive. 

  • Accessorize your room:

Finally, add accessories to your room to add layers and make it feel more lived in. Place the right accessories appropriately is crucial in bringing your room together. Many people mistake buying many tiny accessories instead of large pieces first. You'll stop ending up with many small additions that don't go together if you choose the more oversized products first. Consider a variety of options when selecting accessories.

Select floating shelves and some small accents to place them on. Go for canvas wall art prints for blank walls. Add rugs and mats all along the hallway. Put on lighting and brighten up your space. You can do more than this. Just remember, your place should reflect your personality, and you should feel comfortable living in your room. That's it!