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Impact of COIVD over Home Décor

by Iqra Tariq June 14, 2021 4 min read

COVID impacted every area of life, whether it's business giants, textile industry, media, or interior design. We have learned a lot from the coronavirus pandemic, and since we live a new normal life, some concepts regarding home décor also changed. During such a hustle, people were doing work from home. Your home turned out to be your office, your place of meeting, your room for reading, and, indeed, a place for relaxation. Your home was serving a lot in every aspect.

Eventually, when the home was ascertained to be one sole alternative to all the things, we have faced many renovations and revamps that we could permanently make to our homes. We have felt certain changes in our homes, like using things for multiple tasks, designing our spaces to be used in every situation, and adding such sophisticated yet classy accents to double the home's attractiveness.

There is a list of things that one must need to convert and change after this pandemic. There are several platforms from where you can get inspiration from Instagram, Facebook, and websites. During COVID, we have changed our living rooms into revamped homes offices, our bedrooms to living spaces, and our lawns to the meeting area. We have changed our daily routine a lot, and keeping all that in mind, this article will help you reorganize your home. Try these innovative craft ideas and imaginative designs to experience a moment of joy because home is now more important than ever before. 

Keep Multifunctional Things

Whenever you go to purchase furniture for your home, keep this COVID in your mind. Try to get things that can perform multiple functions. Like your dining table could be used as a study table and buy things which occupy less space. Go for portable things, and nowadays, we can have each and everything in its portable form. There are portable shelves, portable tables, racks, drawers, and many more. We should purchase things which can help us in every kind of situation.

Always Consider Outdoor Spaces

You must have missed wandering outside during this pandemic. You must have tantalized the scenic view of outdoor and gazed at the streets from your windows. Hence, to cover that gap, whenever you design your home's interior, always look for better options for the exterior. Some people love to spend their days and nights sitting in the backyard, enjoying slow music, and experiencing retreats and escapes. Therefore, design a cool and classy space that may link your bedroom or living room. Decorate it, put a fireplace in one corner, and adjust multiple sitting with side table. Enhance your home's outdoor look more so that you mustn't get homesick during hard times like COVID.

Go for Warmer Hues

Shades play a very important role in playing with our moods and tempers. People often consider painting their homes in cold colors like blue, indigo, and violet. Still, because of COVID, warm colors are more in trend because warm colors in pinkish tones are more inviting and give you a warm hug, which is indeed much needed in such a hard time. Therefore, go for warm colors like the shade of browns, pastel colors, etc.

Maintain Master Sitting in your Living Room

The living room is that one central place during COVID, which plays a part in the office, bedroom, and play area. Living rooms are usually kept neat and clean and are also a very erudite area of the home. But during COVID, the most used place of the home was the living room. Therefore, whenever you design a placing for the living room, you must consider master siting. Master sitting will allow you and family members to spend time altogether in one place. It will also help you to perform different kinds of functions in that one area. Place 11- 14 seater sofa in a very decent setting, along with it place couches and tables. Hang different kinds of wall arts to make it more attractive and let your living room breathe more than before.

Utilize Every Corner

We design our homes with keen importance to every single thing. But we don't consider the small corners and don't place useful things out there. We have learned from COVID that things should be kept mobile, easy to handle, and of course, multitasking. Eventually, you can utilize your corners to turn some big things like, adjust the portable siting table and make that corner your office. Hang racks, place books on it, and allow that corner to become your library. There are different things you could do with your corners, so keep all the possibilities in your mind while designing your home's interior.

Change your Purchasing Decisions

Buy things that can be used for multiple use, do not spend your money on one thing. Invest in good items that can be reused and recycled over a while. Don't get mad about buying everything; only purchase what you think is important. Save money for better use. We never know what we will face in the next moment; always be ready for that. Always think of unexpected things and shape yourself accordingly.