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Styling Tricks That Make a Small Living Room Feel Bigger

by Iqra Tariq February 03, 2022 3 min read

Sometimes we fill our rooms with unnecessary and unwanted clutter and make the space look congested and overfilled. You can do a lot more by just removing your clutter and implementing styling tricks to make your room feel bigger.

Small rooms need a slight change to look bigger and brighter. Here in this article, we will list some fantastic small living room ideas to make your living worthwhile. These living room ideas for small spaces help you recreate the outlook of your small and cozy living room.

We often hear a question, how to arrange a small living room? The answer is clear read the article to get inspiration for small living room décor.

Small Living Room:

Small living rooms are generally messed up with unnecessary things. We don’t even need the unwanted stuff in our room, but still, we love to have them around. Trust me, that clutter limits our creativity and inspiration to decorate small spaces.

Make a Small Living Room Feel Bigger:

Small and styling changes can make your living room feel bigger and brighter. You need to add these simple yet classy interior design ideas for a small living room. Some significant modifications like removing clutter, daily cleaning, dusting, and adding sustainable design could help you make your small living room feel bigger.

Along with it, there are some quick tips to make your small living room bigger. These tips will not only turn your space into a productive and prolific place but will also attract your visitors. So, the styling tricks that make a small living room feel bigger are:

Floor Cleaning:

Cleaning is a must to maintain the space look nicer and more immense. Especially when dealing with small and linear space, you need to clean it regularly. Clean the floor of your living room by reducing the clutter. Dust the rugs and vacuum them. Clean the corners of the space to make it look wider.

Folding Furniture:

When you are intended to buy a piece of furniture for your small living room, you must consider sustainable designs. Multipurpose furniture fits well in a small space, so always go for folding chairs and multipurpose tables. You need to invest less in heavy items, so the excellent and passable furniture for small living rooms is critical here.

Paint your Walls White:

Whitewall paint is the rule of thumb to make the small space look bigger. Any dark paint color will make your living room looks even more congested. So always paint the walls of your small living room white.

Focus on Lighting:

To make the small room look bigger, add bright lights to your interior design. Bright white lights or yellow lights can make a difference. Don’t think you have just these two topics, and you can always go beyond the imagination. Add yellow lamps on the side tables and light them up at night. Decorate the ceiling with bright fluorescent lights and make your small living room look bigger and brighter than before.

Keep it Cozy:

Comfort is always an essential aspect of interior design and home décor. So, always go for cozy rugs and curtains whenever you think of transformation and modification. I mean, anything you want to upgrade in your living room, make it more comfortable and warmer. You can also go for warmer hues and tones for your accents, and it all depends on how beautifully you make up your room.

Add Mirrors:

Mirrors add depth to the room. So if your place is so tiny that you need to add depth, place a full-length mirror on one wall of your living room. It is vital to arrange a small living room, so limiting the clutter and assembling everything in its fine place could help you make your home look bigger and better.


It’s not necessary to know how to arrange a small living room but understanding the impact of that change is primarily essential. So try to apply the tricks as mentioned earlier to make your small living room looks bigger and better than before.

Note: you can always add and exclude anything as per your liking and taste. Go creative and do what you think looks good at your home.