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Manage your Small Space for Christmas Décor

by Iqra Tariq December 18, 2020 3 min read

The start of December is a time for many individuals as they put up their holiday décor. Some people go with colossal decorations as they own big homes and a lot of free space, whereas some find it difficult to add all the essential elements to decorate their small rooms.

Hence, every single inch counts when you are living in a small room. During the holiday season, this becomes even more evident as you are faced with an influx of visitors and the need to please them with an abundance of decorations. But believe it or not, just because your room on square footage is short doesn't mean that a little seasonal cheer can't be welcomed.

Manage your Small Space for Christmas Décor

Christmas – Décor

Every inch counts when you're decorating a tiny room. Settle for a tiny holiday bouquet that is decked out in festive ornaments and candy canes, rather than battling to make a conventional tree fit in your apartment. It's as chic as that!

Make your small space worth it. Decorate it, design it as per your choices, and don't think your small home doesn't get all the creativity. You can plan it better.

Manage your Small Space for Christmas Décor

Show your Imagination

Get crafty with a candle holder if you're looking for the perfect chance to show your imagination. To produce an eye-catching holiday look that's sure to please your guests, cover your candles in garland and pinecones.

Manage your Small Space for Christmas Décor

Add Organizers

One of the best organizers for a small space is a necessary ladder, but use yours for the holidays to display an array of little, perfectly wrapped presents or even ornaments.

Manage your Small Space for Christmas Décor

Ruminate your Kitchen

You need your kitchen counter space clear to craft holiday dishes and drinks, as much as you would like to cover it in baubles. Keep things clean and use your cabinets instead, paint your kitchen to freshen the space.

Manage your Small Space for Christmas Décor

Hang Wreaths on your Cabinets

Tie ribbons to tiny wreaths or ornaments, and lock them for a festive touch to the back of your cabinets that won't interfere with your everyday life. The design of bathroom or storage cabinets can be repurposed in the home.

Use Christmas Lights

The warm glow of Christmas lights still flips on the festive cheer, and long after the holiday ends, you can hang the cozy yellow lights all around your home. It's great when you go for neutral color palettes in homes, and for extra flair, you can add red or gold highlights.

Manage your Small Space for Christmas Décor

Place Christmas tree

You have no room for a tree, and you have no storage space for decorations to be displayed. But with creativity, you can have it, so to craft the project, you need poplar wood and clothesline materials. By adding fresh boughs, you can invoke a real tree's fragrance and beauty and keep it up year-round by changing decorations for each season. Isn't it a great idea?

Manage your Small Space for Christmas Décor

Don't let the Tables

While we usually think of wreaths as decorations for a door or wall, you can go low and use them to spice up a side or end table. For a mostly gold look, the red cranberries are used to add unexpected splash colors. You may not have space for enormous bouquets or glittering sculptures, but with the charming, compact centerpieces, you can put together a dinner table. Just add a Mason jar or vase with wine, greenery (real or faux), cranberries, and a candle, then go back to watching holiday films.

Manage your Small Space for Christmas Décor

Change color Combination

Going big on color is the perfect way to make a tiny room feel festive. Even if your home has a relatively neutral color palette, it will shock your design system by adding a few bright red pieces in the best possible way. Design your tree with colorful ornaments and playful paper decorations, and enjoy your home's overall outlook.