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6 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Painting for your Living Room

by Iqra Tariq July 09, 2021 2 min read

The living room is where we entertain and converse with our visitors. As a result, the living room should have a friendly, soothing, and warm atmosphere. Beautiful and elegant paintings will improve the look and feel of freshly painted living room walls.

It takes a lot of thought to ensure that the painting blends in with the rest of the living room's décor. Furthermore, a painting serves as a mirror for the soul. The painting we choose for our home reflects our taste, personality, and story. Here are a few things to think about when selecting a painting for your living room.

Style and Theme

It is only rational to choose a painting that complements the living room's style and theme. If a living room has a retro look and antique décor, for example, a heritage painting or a painting in the traditional style would be appropriate. To ensure that a painting does not look out of place in a living room, it is important to keep the design and theme of the living room interior in mind before purchasing one.

Adjust Framing

The object of the frame is to ensure that the viewer's attention is drawn to the painting. Some paintings, such as gallery-wrapped paintings, do not need framing. When it comes to other paintings that need to be framed, it's important to make sure the frame matches the painting as well as the living room furniture.

Space Optimization

It takes some effort to find a painting that is the right size. The painting should be the same size as the wall to maximize space. It's critical to determine ahead of time which wall of the living room would look better with the painting. Before purchasing a painting, take a good look around the living room and measure the space. In the living room, an oversized painting would look strange.

Harmonize the Colors

It's important to choose a painting that complements the living room's colors. The living room is an area of the house that should be decorated in dark, inviting colors. As a wall decoration, the painting should complement the tones of the living room's wall colors.

Visual Balance

It is not only attractive but also necessary, to achieve visual balance in a living room. Any living room that lacks visual symmetry can make audiences feel uneasy and lopsided. The painting, as a wall decoration, should be the right size and fit to preserve the room's visual balance.

Interior Lighting

To ensure that a painting in a living room attracts visitors' attention, the living room's current lighting can be positioned so that the painting is illuminated. To attract attention to the painting, new lighting spots can be added. However, there are a few things to remember before adjusting the living room's interior lighting to focus on the drawing.


A painting that has the same colors as the living room's walls or upholstery would give the room a more visually balanced look. The painting's location is equally critical. A large painting on one wall will not only help to maintain the room's visual balance, but it will also serve as a focal point for the rest of the furniture to be placed around.