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Save big this holiday season | 5 simple ways to save more on each item

by Iqra Tariq December 06, 2020 5 min read

According to Deloitte's annual holiday retail forecast, online shopping this holiday season is projected to rise 25 to 35 percent over last year as pandemic lockdowns hold people in their homes. Overall, the multinational consulting company expects holiday revenues to rise year-over-year by 1 to 1.5 percent.

On average, Americans spend $1,121 per person on holiday gift-giving and other fun. That's not the kind of money that most individuals will draw from their monthly budgets. But it's doable, split over 11 months, and you don't have to spend too much, of course. In a press release, Daniel Bachman, Deloitte's U.S. economic forecaster, said,

"E-commerce is likely to be a big winner because consumers have shown a clear movement towards buying online rather than at brick and mortar stores."

Don't Distress! 

Particularly during these difficult economic times, who doesn't want to get the best value for their dollar? There is no lack of promotional advertisements from retailers who wish to your company: they use favorite consumer specials, early-bird sales, midnight madness events, coupon savings days, and sales before and after holidays. How do you determine if their deals are real? It's up to you to think wisely and don't go mango.

Save big this holiday season | 5 simple ways to save more on each item

You need to think astutely and manage your shopping list. Because of the pandemic, we are already suffering a lot, but we will not let this pandemic upset your shopping desires and joy. You must worry because the high price tag transforms, which turns your holiday joy into holiday stress. But do not distress!

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Here's some good news about your holiday to-do list, there are ways to save on every piece. These seasonal tips will help you get your holiday spending under control and bring family, friends, faith, and fun back into focus.

Quickly maintain a Holiday Budget

Fun and excitement of the holidays are easy to get swept up in; however, you should build a budget to ensure that you remain financially well on track. No one is planning on spending extra money, but it can be tempting to pick up a few additional gifts when you see the December sales and discounts. Think wisely and note down all the costs you break, from food to gifts. You can then determine how much you would like to spend on each of them. Be sure that how much you can spend and how you need to behave practically. This is how you can manage your budget list;

  • Check how much you spend on presents, decorations, food, travel, and any other costs associated with your holiday.
  • Don't forget little things, like cards and stamps for Christmas.
  • For unplanned transactions that you can't pass up, add a little extra.
  • Be sure to build up some crazy money' so that by going overboard on impulse items, you don't end up getting into debt.
Save big this holiday season | 5 simple ways to save more on each item

Minimize your gift list:

See the people in your list to whom you present gift every year, they may include; family members, relatives, neighbors, and co-workers-many individuals also buy gifts from teachers for their children. Ask yourself, do you need all of them to exchange gifts? How many of them do you buy presents for only because it feels like a duty? Please don't go for formalities, think of real happiness, and exchange gifts with them only. It is not necessary to exchange gifts with everyone you think of. Plan it wisely and consider your budget too. This will help you minimize your gift list, and you can save big. Some significant things to keep in mind while gift shopping are;

  • Don't go crazy and spend any more than you need to.
  • Plan a strategy, don't go to the high street, as you are more likely to buy lots of costly gifts.
  • Write down the individuals for whom you need to purchase presents, and buy one gift for each.
  • Take the time to compare choices for presents, so you know that you have the best option.
Save big this holiday season | 5 simple ways to save more on each item

Avail Discounts, Coupons, and Offers

You are probably already aware of the advantages of using coupons and vouchers if you are trying to save money all year round. Many people ignore them because they believe they save pennies, but you can save a lot of money (which is useful during expensive times like the holidays). To see if there are any coupons available for the stores you know you will shop at, check online.

  • Always research before shopping.
  • See which outlet is offering more discount.
  • Always go for better options.
  • Think about how many gifts you needed and see the suitable store for it.
  • Don't think that you need to buy all your stuff from a place, consider buying from cheap stores.
Save big this holiday season | 5 simple ways to save more on each item

Early Shopping Saves Big

All of us are guilty of going out to get presents and costing too much at the last minute. Market analyst Freeman terms this "panic spending" and advises shoppers to stop waiting to purchase gifts and supplies until the final days.

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The next best strategy is to make your dollars go faster by shopping wisely if you can't pare down your gift list. Having an early start is one way to do this. You can take advantage of promotions on particular items at other times of the year by spreading your holiday shopping across the year instead of waiting for Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Another advantage of shopping at different times of year is that you run less risk of being carried away in the holiday season atmosphere. Every store is in full-blast vacation mode in December, with sights, sounds, and smells all built to make you spend freely.

  • Take advantage of previous sale events like thanksgiving, black Friday, and cyber Monday.
  • Plan early, so you don't go the eleventh hour for shopping.
  • Take time for shopping, don't buy in a hurry.
  • Always, always think of a better and cheap place to buy.

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Save big this holiday season | 5 simple ways to save more on each item

Never mind buying/Selling Secondhand products

We all got a gift at some point that we didn't even need or like. Many individuals put the skills out of sight, never to be seen again, but selling them online is more effective. If you have got a perfume you don't like or shoes that are the wrong size, don't worry about being rude - sell them online! Either way, the gift wouldn't have been used, or this year the extra money will help pay for new presents.

Along with it, many significant marketplaces encourage the selling of used items too. Like Amazon, eBay, HQ Demand, you can buy and sell used items there, but the quality is never underestimated. Many types of gifts are much cheaper if you purchase them secondhand, including books, handbags, and jewelry. Shopping this way is also an eco-friendly option for gift-giving, and it enables you to sell unique items that are no longer available.

These simple tips will save big, and you can have the best gifts for your friends, fellows, and family. Think wisely, don't go overboard. Buy what you need, and don't think of extra expenses.