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How to Transition Your Home Décor from Winter to Spring

by Iqra Tariq April 15, 2021 3 min read

When the season changes, everyone looks for transitioning the home decoration. Home décor can be transitioned by taking some simple yet thoughtful steps. As it’s a time to welcome the seasonal décor, you need to take some measures to give your interior design a whole new look.

Seasonal Décor:

Seasonal décor refers to a particular decoration for a particular period of time or season. For example, in winters we go for warmer hues and cozy vibes that are considered as winter aka winter season décor. Same when we plan for spring we try to add everything that gives a cool and calm texture. As it is specifically for the spring season hence, known as season décor.

Why transition from winter to spring is required?

Winter and spring are two opposite seasons. One is for extreme cold and the other brings extreme hot weather followed in the summers. So if we have considered cozy bedding and warmer hues in winters, we cannot survive with them in spring or summers. Hence, according to most interior design experts, one must need a transition in home décor from winter to spring.

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How to Transition Your Home Décor from Winter to Spring

How to Transition from Winter to Summer?

That is to say, if you liked your last year's décor but want to change it up a little, you can do so. Although transitioning from spring to summer isn't difficult, transitioning from winter to spring décor can be challenging. That said, there are a few things you can do to make this change feel as normal as possible.

Shopping is Necessary:

Yes, it’s a time for shopping. Replace all your winter needs with that of spring. For that purpose, you need to browse some of the online websites to get the cool and fun spring décor pieces. Spring is a season of flowers and freshness. Flowers blossom in this season gives a new wave of life to the whole ecosystem. Hence, you can initiate that in your home and help your home grow seasonally.

Grab the Lightweight materials:

Again for the spring season, you need to have light and dainty fabrics. Prefer light linen and cotton bed sheets and covers. For drapers and curtains go for tropical wool. Here you need to understand all you are going to get should bear a resemblance to the spring (the calm) season.

Plants – A must-in:

Summers need freshness and greenery. Already spring followed by summers are too hot to survive so plants can provide you eternal relief. Plants give a green and clean environment to your home. For spring and summer décor specifically, add pots and plant containers to your interior design. Get some indoor plants and provide your home a fresh and cool vibe. You can place the plants in the living room or the bedroom by leaving some space for the sunlight as it is important for the plants to grow and live.

How to Transition Your Home Décor from Winter to Spring

Pick the Spring Décor Accents:

Shopping is important for every season. Hence, whenever you plan to pick up the décor accents get them specifically for springs. For example lightweight elements, green and attractive colored items, or glass and metallic pieces. Decorate your home to its fullest and help yourself survive in a better ambiance.

How to Transition Your Home Décor from Winter to Spring

Make sure to make this move very slightly and smoothly. It shouldn’t disturb your already decorated home. You just need to make little moves for this transition from winter to spring.