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Ways to Increase Holiday Sales and Engage your Customers

by Iqra Tariq December 21, 2020 4 min read

It's the season for corporations worldwide to see the bottom line from red to black on their income statements. Christmas is just around the corner, and now is a perfect time to revisit your expectations for the revenue outlook and build a plan for your holiday promotions to reach them.

Ways to increase holiday Sales and engage your Customers

The next holiday selling opportunity is still looked for buyers and companies alike. Many companies begin bringing out their December décor and gift sets as soon as Halloween ends. Now is the time to get your calendar out and get started if you own a small business and have not yet begun planning for the successful holiday season.

Pandemic Holiday Season

COVID-19 pandemic has already impacted how retailers do business and shifted how consumers shop, than there's no question that the 2020 holiday shopping season will be unusual. With in-store shopping capacity drastically diminished across most of the U.S. and shoppers restricting their exposure to crowds due to the pandemic, it is unlikely that major in-person shopping activities usually associated with Black Friday will occur this year.

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Ways to increase holiday Sales and engage your Customers

Something terrible happens to most e-commerce sites every year. All is spiraling downwards after the increase in holiday sales around the first of January. Worse, people are beginning to return to things. Returns create a massive logistical mess, especially if you're responsible for all the shipping bills being paid. The enormous high revenue plummets, leaving you feel overwhelmed and grappling with declining profits. Therefore, to avoid such inconvenience look at the ways to increase your holiday sales during such hustle.

Design a new Sales Strategy

You need to upgrade your strategies this holiday season to reach the highest sales. Design new strategies and plans and implement them in a better way. Offer discounts, freebies, coupons, free shipping, and everything possible that you could do to engage your customer.

Ways to increase holiday Sales and engage your Customers

Keep in mind; your customer doesn't buy because they need to buy, customers usually buy because of discounts and free coupons. Therefore, keep an eye on your competitor and always offer more to them. Always look for innovation and something better than before. Some tips for you to design new sales strategies are;

  • Introduce winter clearance sales. Dispense your winter inventory out and allow customers to avail the benefit. People like clearance sales.
  • Try to give them a gift because freebies are always winners.
  • You need to target the psyche of your customers, offer them buy one get one free.
  • Invite your customers to a loyalty program once they buy from you.


The months leading up to the holidays are an ideal time to recommend products to go with the products or services that your customers are already buying. Maybe last year they purchased a beautiful pair of earrings for mom. Indicate the corresponding necklace this year. Give the premium at-home spa kit to go with it as a courier for the gift certificate when you offer a spa package. Likewise if you sell canvas print and home décor accents, send your customers some freebies to encourage shopping.

Ways to increase holiday Sales and engage your Customers

Giving free gifts and goodies to everyone is a perfect way to add value to the customers and to boost holiday sales.

  • Think of alternatives that your customer maybe looking.
  • Don’t ask them what they need, give them what they want.
  • Cross-sell your items to increase sales.
  • Be creative and explore new ways to target your customers.

    Always Offer free shipping

    Who is not in love with a surprise? To boost holiday sales, don't be afraid to think outside the box. What if, the multi-panel canvas or your favorite home décor item were delivered with a bouquet of fresh flowers or a box of chocolates, What if the placement of multi panel canvas was made at the home of the receiver on-site? What if on Saturday morning, a gift basket with a few jars of local homemade DIY items were delivered well? Isn't that going to make the gift extra special?

    Ways to increase holiday Sales and engage your Customers

    Hence show your creativity to win the big sales. Get through most of the creative ideas and implement them while packaging parcels. Your customer will not only like but indeed will love it.

    Incorporate Omni channel customer support

    Omni channel retailing, which is described as an integrated sales strategy that provides a seamless shopping experience for customers regardless of whether they are shopping from a laptop, mobile device, or store, is one of the most prominent trends affecting holiday sales. For example, these consumers may shop online but pick up the item in the store or use a mobile app to compare prices and then make a purchase through a business's website. This has a huge impact over the sales. Therefore, use different Omni channels to support customers’ needs and wants.

    Full your stock with holiday inventory

    Nothing is worse than running out of the must-have gift and driving a potential customer away. Make sure your online store is fully stocked and that you have plenty of your bestsellers readily available to prevent this situation.

    Stock up on your most favorite products, your industry's latest trends, and specially branded or made gifts that make your goods stand out.

    • Manufacture your holiday inventory in excess.
    • Always keep it in stock.
    • Manage your inventory and keep up with stock.

      Focus on SEO

      Because online shopping is so prevalent this year, doing all you can to get your brand to the top of online search results is crucial for your business. Since COVID-19, an incredible 60 percent of customers have been shopping online more frequently, and 73 percent of that community expect to continue after the pandemic. Therefore a keen focus on SEO is needed to get through the holiday season.

      • Add relevant keywords to help your customers find your content early.
      • Update your content regularly to keep up with your competition.
      • Insert hyperlinking to increase engagement.

        Use Social Media to Promote Sales

        Using social media to ensure that your customers find you and remain updated about your goods and services when they are ready to shop. Look at every way to build your digital brand, from posting on Instagram to taking out cost-effective ads on social media networks like Facebook that can boost online visibility and keep your business front of mind for target audiences.

        Ways to increase holiday Sales and engage your Customers
        • Add images and videos to engage customers.
        • Use strategic hashtags to increase engagement.
        • Don’t go quiet, involve your customers by adding posts.