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Islamic Wall Art - Multi Panel Canvas Artwork For Home Decoration

Islamic wall art consists of Islamic themes printed on canvases. Islamic wall art contains images of Holy Muslim places, Holy Scriptures, sculptures, Islamic calendars, months of the year, and calligraphy. The most common type of Islamic wall art is calligraphy. You can have any of the sacred items by looking at our pious collection. We offer a good discount on your first purchase with free shipping.



Islam and its Beautiful Colors

The Islamic Wall Art consists of the famous Arabic couple in literature, monograms, and popular places of Islamic history. The images of mosques, shrines, and Holy Kabba are also common in this line of wall artwork. Here is an excellent collection of Islamic wall art prints for you that can help you to decorate your home and office as well.

Islamic Calligraphy

The holy book of the Muslims e; g Quran consists of 30 chapters and there are 6666 ayahs in the Quran. The printing of these ayahs of the Holy Quran is commonly known as calligraphy. Can you imagine the beauty of multi-panel Islamic wall art print consisting of creative Islamic calligraphy? The printing and writing of Quranic ayahs and Ahadis can be used in your living room. The hanging of a canvas wall art print that presents the Islamic ayahs, behind the furniture and bed can make the whole bedroom beautiful. The beauty of Islamic calligraphy can be increased by using a stylish frame for the canvas.

The Throne Verse - Ayat Kursi

Ayat Kursi is the longest Ayat in the Quran. The printing of Ayat Kursi is common because according to Islamic literature, this Ayat is best for protection against devils and sprites. So Muslims hang Ayat Kursi in their home and recite it. It is present in the third chapter of the Quran. The beautiful calligraphy and printing of the Ayat Kursi can cover the small space along with protecting from evils. Ayat Kursi can be printed in a large canvas wall art print.

Customized Printing

The printing of the beautiful name “Allah” is conventional in Islamic Wall Art. Many calligraphers in Islamic history have designed the word Allah, the Lord, and the maker of the whole universe in a different way. You can use various styles of this name to create a variety of canvas wall art prints. The texture and style of the word “Allah” add elegance to the canvas wall art. It is printed in the various styles of the Arabic language.

Think for a bit Creativity

Another unique idea for making the home beautiful by using Islamic Wall Art is the printing of the Salat posture. It can be a man in Sajood, and any other part of the prayer. Both man and woman worshipping God can be presented in such a posture. The sujood postures add a bit of creativity to the canvas print.

Another attractive way of making the home beautiful is by using the Islamic calendar. The Islamic calendar indicates the beauty of the Islamic months and famous events of Islamic history. Different styles of the Arabic language are used to print an Islamic calendar.

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