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Cleaning Tips to make your Home Inviting and Welcoming

by Iqra Tariq February 06, 2021 4 min read

Because of COVID, we are already facing diverse health issues we cannot compromise more on health. We need to clean our Home more frequently. Before all this Corona time, it has never been as pressing a priority to give your Home a regular deep cleaning as it is now.

However, just because you clean your Home more frequently does not mean that you have cleaned your Home. Deep Cleaning is a must thing these days. You need to clean your Home deeply by dusting, brushing, wiping, and washing all your clutter out.

Cleaning Tips to make your Home Inviting and Welcoming

Daily Cleaning is a Must:

You know the drill if you lead a busy lifestyle. With a mostly clean and tidy home, you begin the week with (depending on how many chores you accomplished over the weekend). However, by midweek, you know that your dry-cleaning has not been put away, and your laundry has not folded. In the hallway, there's a growing stack of mail, a used gym bag next to the door, a pile of fresh laundry on the bed, dirty dishes in the sink (and clean dishes in the dishwasher that didn't just complete their cycle).

Tips for deep Cleaning:

Keeping the living room clean and organized guarantees that it is safe and non-hazardous. You will keep your Home free from dust and other allergens. Daily Cleaning keeps your Home clear of dust and gives your family, particularly anyone with allergies, a much healthier atmosphere overall.

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It is possible that keeping your house clean and orderly will minimize the risk that you or your loved ones will get hurt. Minimal clutter and keeping stuff out of the way of harm will make a big difference to your Home's overall protection. Keep an eye on loose objects, i.e., toys around you that could raise the risk of falls.

Cleaning Tips to make your Home Inviting and Welcoming

Daily Dusting:

Our furniture engrosses a lot of dust because of the severe climatic change. To avoid a buildup that can cause an allergic reaction, dust door frames, walls, baseboards, and more every 1 to 2 weeks. Dust can contain virtually everything, bacteria, virus, and many harmful particles. Unfortunately, the amount of dust in your Home will not be reduced by holding your windows open; in fact, doing this could increase it. Outside, there is a lot of dust in the air, consisting of dirt, sand, pollen, spores, insect 'pieces,' and many more. Hence daily dusting is way more important to maintain the hygiene of your Home.

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Comb the Broom:

As your home is the ultimate place where you spend most of your time, you need to clean it daily. Place your broom in a bucket full of soapy water or a deeper cleaner. For 30 minutes, let it soak. Wipe the handle with a disinfectant while the broom is washed. Rinse the broom with warm water after 30 minutes and put the bristle-end to dry.

Cleaning Tips to make your Home Inviting and Welcoming

If there's too much dust or hair to shake off, you can also comb the broom to clean the bristles. Soak the broom once a month in a solution that includes warm water and soap for the dish. Before you use it again, rinse the broom and let it dry. In this way, you can clean your home thoroughly.

Vacuum Cleaning:

It will begin to decay faster than you expect as dirt and other particles accumulate within the carpet fibers. You must note that dust and other particles continuously enter your carpet every day and that vacuuming frequently is of great importance. Not vacuuming, allowing dirt to build up in the floor would cause the carpet fibers to worn down faster, thereby reducing your carpet's lifetime, and early replacement is needed.

Clean Furniture:

Furniture owns the shape of the Home; hence it needs daily dusting. Start by picking up loose spores using a vacuum with a soft brush attachment. Then, with a cloth dipped in mild soap or detergent dissolved in water, scrub the area and almost dry it. Rinse and dry with a clean, soft cloth immediately.

Cleaning Tips to make your Home Inviting and Welcoming

Focus on Kitchen and Bathrooms:

The kitchen and bathroom need to be cleaned daily. There must be a day where you spend all your time cooking to give it a deep cleaning. You're going for a deeper cleaning overall, not only a deep cleaning of individual items. If you are tempted to clean the interior of your oven, clean it, thoroughly clean the dishwasher, remove the toaster, or scrub the grout, skip it for now and make a plan to do it soon.

Cleaning Tips to make your Home Inviting and Welcoming

Make it a Habit for now and ever!

Try to make it your habit for now and ever. Clean your Home daily to avoid any debris and dirt. Dust your furniture and accents regularly. Vacuum your carpets and rugs to improve the breathing space of your Home. Try to clean your Home deeply on weekends and cover the daily cleaning fortnightly.

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