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Expert Tips for Bathroom Decor: Hanging Art in Your Bathroom

by Jabbar Hussain August 19, 2023 6 min read


Looking to jazz up your bathroom decor? Think ART! Yes, your bathroom! While it may seem a bit unusual, hanging a canvas wall art print in your bathroom can transform an everyday space into something really special. Imagine stepping into your bathroom and being greeted by a stunning piece of artwork - it's like having a private art gallery within the comfort of your own home. Suddenly, the bathroom becomes more than just a functional space, it becomes a creative oasis where even the most ordinary routines feel a little bit extraordinary. This unique touch of decor will not only elevate the ambiance of your bathroom but also serve as a great conversation starter for guests. Ready to create your own mini art gallery? Dive into this artistic journey with us as we guide you on how to beautifully blend art into your bathroom decor.

Bathroom Wall art

Hang Art in the Bathroom? Absolutely!

Why Choose the Bathroom for Art?

Art in my bathroom?" you might question. Well, why not? Bathrooms, often overlooked in the home decor adventure, are perfect canvases to showcase your creative spirit! Adding artwork to your bathroom is like breathing new life into it - transforming an everyday space into a haven of inspiration and tranquility. The personal touch of a well-chosen art piece can transport your bathroom from being just another room in the house to a unique and stylish sanctuary.

Say Goodbye to Bathroom Artwork Worries

You might have concerns about hanging art in your bathroom due to the humidity and changing temperatures that can be hard on delicate materials. But rest assured, with the right care and clever planning, you can safely display your favorite pieces of canvas wall art. Modern art techniques and materials mean there are now many options perfectly suited to survive and thrive in the bathroom environment. With these resilient pieces, you can wave goodbye to any artwork worries and say hello to your personal mini art gallery.

Picking the Perfect Artwork for Bathroom

Design Art that Loves the Bathroom

Not all art can handle the bathroom's steamy conditions. Priceless paintings, antiques, or very special pieces could get damaged and are best displayed somewhere less humid. However, canvas wall art with a protective latex coating is great for bathrooms. Wood mount art, with its shiny, easy-to-clean, moisture-loving surface, can be a solid choice for bathroom artwork.

The Size Game

When considering bathroom design, think about the size of your bathroom. It's usually a cozy space. So, smaller pieces of art will add a cool touch without taking over the room. If you're lucky to have a big bathroom, go ahead and flaunt a large canvas print as a show-stopping centerpiece!

Styles, Vibes, and the People in Bathroom Decor

Showing Off Your Style in Bathroom Decor

The art you choose should scream YOU! It should match your personal style and the feel of your bathroom design. Whether it's abstract, minimalist, modern, or old-school, your art piece should make you happy every time you see it.

Thinking About the Users

Who's going to use the bathroom? For a guest bathroom, pick calming pieces that create a peaceful vibe. For kids' bathrooms, choose fun and bright images to make bath time a joy. Remember, art can tell a story and bring out emotions, so think about the users and the vibes you want to share.

choosing bathroom art work

Where to Hang Your Bathroom Artwork

Smart Spots

Finding the ideal spot for your canvas wall art can entirely transform your bathroom design. Optimal spots could include the space above the toilet, presenting a pleasing view from the doorway. Consider the wall straight across, a spot that is often underutilized. How about the area next to the mirror? It can reflect your chosen art piece, giving it additional presence. A window adjacent spot could bring out the colors of your artwork in the morning light. Consider above a towel rack, which can make an otherwise utilitarian area visually interesting. Or even nestled amongst your neatly displayed toiletries on a shelf, creating a cozy nook of art and aesthetics. Just be cautious about the potential water splash from the shower.

smart spots in bathroom

Balance is Key in Bathroom Decor

Strive for balance when placing your art. A single larger piece can command the room, setting the tone for your bathroom decor, while a sprinkling of smaller pieces can create delightful visual surprises, adding depth and interest to the room. Always take into account the shape and size of your bathroom when deciding where your art will look best, helping create harmony within the space.

Keep Your Bathroom Artwork Happy

Guard Against Moisture

Every artwork, no matter how resilient, benefits from some love and care. Bathroom-friendly canvas art can be further protected from humidity with a high-quality protective varnish, forming an invisible shield against moisture. This coat will keep the water out, maintaining the vibrancy and longevity of your art.

Bathroom wall art

Regular Check-ups

Just like everything else in your bathroom, your artwork might collect dust over time, which can make it appear dull and uncared for. Regular cleaning with a soft, dry cloth can rejuvenate it, preserving its original brilliance. A little proactive care will ensure your artwork continues to light up your bathroom for a long time.

Matching Art with Bathroom Style

Traditional Bathrooms

Traditional bathrooms often feature elegant and classic design elements. For such spaces, consider bathroom artwork that leans towards historical themes, classical landscapes, or vintage botanical prints. Remember, the key is to pick pieces that complement and enhance the bathroom's overall aesthetics.

Modern Bathrooms

On the other hand, modern bathrooms are all about clean lines and minimalist design. Here, abstract art, black-and-white photography, or graphic prints can work wonders. These types of art can add intrigue and depth, making your bathroom feel more sophisticated and chic.

Bohemian Bathrooms

Bohemian bathrooms celebrate vibrant colors and eclectic design. Consider using canvas art that features bold patterns, whimsical designs, or cultural motifs. These pieces can boost the bathroom's energetic and eclectic vibe, making it a true reflection of your adventurous spirit.

Seasonal Art Rotation in Bathroom Decor

Breathe Freshness with Seasons

One fun way to keep your bathroom decor feeling fresh and engaging is to rotate your art according to the seasons. Light and bright floral canvas prints could make spring feel more vibrant, while warm, earth-toned art can bring in the coziness of autumn.

Seasonal Art Rotation in Bathroom Decor

Storing Your Off-Season Art

It's crucial to store your off-season art properly. Keep them in a cool, dry place and wrap them in a protective material like bubble wrap to prevent any damage. This will ensure that your bathroom artwork stays in top-notch condition, ready to dazzle in its respective season.

Reflecting Your Personality Through Bathroom Artwork

Art as an Extension of You

Remember, the artwork you display in your bathroom should be a reflection of you. It should resonate with your personal aesthetic, showcase your interests, and maybe even stir some contemplation. The right piece of art can make your bathroom not just another room in the house but an extension of your personality.

Creating a Personal Retreat

The bathroom can be a place of solitude and relaxation, a personal retreat. Choosing artwork that reflects your passions can enhance this. Perhaps you're a nature lover, in which case lush landscapes might provide a sense of tranquility. If you're a fan of abstract art, thought-provoking pieces could engage your mind during quiet moments. Whatever your preference, your bathroom can become a private art gallery that brings joy and meaning to your daily routines.

In Conclusion

Incorporating art into your bathroom décor can seem daunting at first, but with the right guidance and an open mind, you can truly transform your bathroom into an artistic sanctuary. So, if you're wondering how to make your bathroom stand out with unique and personalized artwork, this guide provides you with the perfect roadmap. Happy decorating!

Remember, your bathroom is not just a space for utility. It's a space where art and practicality can blend seamlessly, creating a unique, personal, and stylish sanctuary that's truly yours. Now, are you ready to hang some art and turn your bathroom into a canvas of creativity?