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5 Affordable Home Décor Ideas for This Summer

by Iqra Tariq May 17, 2021 3 min read

Summer is around the corner and you must be looking for affordable home décor ideas. Home decoration is important for every season. Hence for summer décor go for affordable ways to decorate the home.

Usually, the summer season brings an unpleasant vibe because of hot weather and moist climate, so people prefer staying at home especially in summers. Hence in summer, the home should be decorated within budget. Spend less and get more is the only formula we apply for the summer home décor.


Affordable home décor ideas for this summer:

As seasonal décor needs transition and replacement every season, so spending a lot of money is not a wise choice. Eventually, this article will help you define 5 best and affordable home décor ideas for this summer.

We believe in the sustainability of the products. So always get the items for interior décor that will last longer and you can recreate or reuse them in every setting. Go for a minimalistic design and budget-friendly accents. In order to freshen up your space give your home a new coat of paint. Introduce greenery and green elements in your interior design and bring life to your home.


These simple yet soulful ideas/tips would help you decorate your home this summer with great affordability and convenience.

1. Appropriate Light Fittings

In summers, the right amount of light is necessary. Sun shines brighter in summers so an appropriate light fixture is crucial in summers. So to create a little drama and to draw attention, add lights that give coolness and calmness to an eye. Also, allow the right amount of natural light to come into your home.

Adding light fixtures or candles can illuminate your home and make it look bigger. But here the tip is you need to carefully pick the colors of the lights. Go for cooler tones like blues and greens.

2. Central Statement Piece

A single statement piece can completely transform the look of a room. Bold and eye-catching items, such as a vintage chair, artwork, or vintage mirror, can tie the room's look together in a cost-effective way.

It is not necessary to add just a piece of art as a statement piece. It could be your furniture any big size photograph, a mirror, an aquarium, etc. The purpose of the statement piece is to draw all the attention of the viewer or the visitor to the central piece. So for summers pick up the accents that reflect your personality and are cheaper and durable. It is not obvious to change the statement piece in every season. You can go with the same old one too.  

3. Cheap Wall Art

Don’t break the bank and shop the artwork within budget. Get the premium quality product from Tiaracle at discounted prices. You can handmade your artwork. For example, pick any of your favorite wall art and place it above the couch in the living room or guest room.

Cheap wall art doesn’t mean you are going to buy something that is not worthy of it. But instead, it means you are going to have artwork that is robust, better in quality, a perfect fit, and affordable.

4. Change the Coverings 

Soft and lenient cloth is preferable in summers. So try to pick bright colored cushion covers and curtains to attract the eye at once. This will not only make your home inviting but it will also add comfort to your home. Pick the soft pastel colors and make a connection with the overall interior décor. Keep in mind the intention behind the décor and add a pop of fun to your home in this summer season.

5. Add Flowers and Plants     

Summer is all about having fun and celebrating life. Vibrant colors and floral arrangements should be the focal point. Consider adding plenty of fresh flowers to your home to give it a green touch.

Flowers and plants add greenery to the home which will create a pleasant atmosphere. You will love summers too when you will witness the true colors of nature around your home.


These tips will help you decorate the interior of your home within less price range. Not only this will give your home a whole new look but it will also cater to your survival. Summer is indeed a beautiful season as others. We should need to enjoy it and live it to its fullest.