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How Big Should Art Be on a Wall? Your Comprehensive Guide

by Jabbar Hussain August 23, 2023 5 min read

You've found a piece of canvas wall art that resonates with your personal taste and style, and you're excited to hang it on your wall. But a question pops up: what size should it be to fit your wall perfectly? Selecting the right size is crucial. A harmonious blend of art and space can elevate your room's aesthetics and leave a lasting impression. As you dive into this comprehensive guide, remember that choosing the right size canvas wall art is about creating a visual balance that enhances your room's overall aesthetic.

wall art size

Understanding the intimate bond between art and space is essential. The beauty of your chosen piece can only truly shine when it fits and interacts seamlessly with its surroundings. We'll explore how big your wall art should be and how you can make the most of different room sizes when displaying art. Let's embark on this exciting journey!

Mastering the Art of Scale: Why Size Matters

Understanding scale is a fundamental aspect of choosing your wall art size. The proportions of your artwork in relation to the wall and surrounding furniture can make or break the visual harmony of a room. An artwork that's too small can appear lost on a large wall, while an oversized piece can overwhelm a small wall, creating visual chaos. So, how do you determine the right size?

Why wall art size matters

To achieve the perfect balance, consider the surrounding furniture. A good rule of thumb is that your wall art should cover about 1/2 to 2/3 of the wall space above your furniture. This means, if you have a 6-foot-long sofa, your art piece should be roughly 3 to 4 feet wide. Let's dive into how this rule applies in various rooms of your house.

Making a Statement in the Living Room

Your living room is a space of comfort and camaraderie, a place where friends and family gather, and stories are shared. What better way to spruce up the conversations than with a striking piece of art? When considering artwork for the living room, the size of the piece is as important as the piece itself. It should ideally be 1/2 to 2/3 the width of your furniture to maintain a visually pleasing balance.

living room wall art

For instance, if your sofa is 7 feet long, choosing a canvas wall art piece between 3.5 to 4.7 feet wide will create that perfect visual balance. It's also important to hang your artwork at the right height. Displaying your art piece at eye level, typically about 57 inches from the floor, enhances its impact and allows everyone in the room to appreciate it fully.

Art in the Bedroom: Dreaming in Color

Your bedroom is your personal retreat, a haven where you unwind after a long day. The art in your bedroom should be an extension of your personality, creating a peaceful and relaxing environment. Typically, the perfect spot for a large artwork in a bedroom is above the bed.

Art in the Bedroom

Following the rule of proportionality, the art piece should be 2/3 the width of your bed. So, if you have a queen-sized bed that's typically 5 feet wide, aim for an art piece that's about 3.3 feet wide. Hang it about 6 to 12 inches above the headboard to ensure the artwork is in harmony with the bed and doesn't appear to be floating on the wall.

Maximizing Impact: Sizing Art for Small Spaces

Smaller spaces often pose a challenge for decorating with art. A common misconception is that small spaces should only have small art pieces. However, that's not always true. An oversized canvas wall art piece can create a focal point and give a sense of depth to the room, making it appear larger.

Art for Small Spaces

The key here is to choose a piece that doesn't overwhelm the space but complements it. It could be a piece of art that mirrors the color palette of the room or a monochrome art piece that stands out against colored walls. The goal is to maximize the impact without overpowering the room's existing decor.

In the Bathroom and Dining Spaces

The bathroom may not be the first place you'd think of displaying art, but it provides a unique canvas for smaller pieces of artwork. For instance, if you have a 4 feet wide space above the toilet tank, choosing an art piece about half to two-thirds the width would be ideal. Such a selection ensures the artwork doesn't overpower the room and creates a visually pleasing element in an unexpected location.

Art for Small Spaces liek bathroom

The dining room, on the other hand, is a space of conviviality and warmth. It's a place where meals are shared, and conversations are sparked. The artwork you select for your dining room should enhance this experience, not detract from it. For example, if your dining room wall measures 12 feet in width, a canvas wall art piece measuring between 7.2 to 9 feet wide would strike the right balance.

Navigating Art Size in the Office and Kitchen

Every room in your home has its unique purpose and vibe, and your office and kitchen are no exception. Your office space should foster productivity and creativity. The art you choose should be inspiring and reflective of your personal style. Consider a medium-sized piece above your desk or a series of smaller pieces to create a gallery wall.

Office desk wall art

Kitchens are the heart of the home and a place of nurturing and togetherness. Smaller pieces can add a touch of personality and warmth to the room without overwhelming it. Consider the wall space above your countertops or beside your cabinets for these art pieces. You could even opt for thematic art pieces that align with the culinary function of the kitchen.

Kitchen Wall art

What About Hallways and Outdoor Spaces?

Hallways are transitional spaces in your home that often get overlooked. They are perfect for displaying a series of smaller art pieces that lead the viewer through the space. Alternatively, one large art piece can provide a dramatic visual anchor that grabs attention.

Outdoor spaces, like patios and backyard walls, benefit from larger pieces that can withstand the elements and stand out against the vast open space. Consider weather-resistant materials and opt for bigger sizes that won't get lost in the openness of outdoor spaces.

Hallway wall art

In conclusion, picking the perfect canvas wall art size for your unique space can be a rewarding journey. With these tips and insights, you're now ready to curate your personalized art gallery at home. Don't be afraid to experiment, mix and match sizes, and let your personality shine through the art you choose. Your dream space is waiting for your artistic touch. Happy decorating!