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Plan a Wonderful Virtual Galentine’s Day Celebration

by Iqra Tariq January 27, 2021 4 min read

Everyone is familiar with Valentine’s Day and celebrates the day with love and joy. Valentine’s Day is specifically celebrated to cherish love life and couple love. But from the past decade, we see a day where girlfriends celebrate their love and friendship. It is known as Galentine’s Day.

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Usually, Galentine’s Day is celebrated on the day before Valentine’s Day i.e. on 13 February. We see the love between two girls' best friends on this day where they share their friendship tales and even gifts. Still, many people are not aware of this day but celebrations are still made.

Plan a Wonderful Virtual Galentine’s Day Celebration

Galentine’s Day:

Galentine’s day is invented by Leslie Knope. He is the fictional mayor of small-town and he has conceived this day specifically for girls to celebrate those sitcoms of memories and togetherness. This day is observed on 13 February to celebrate platonic friendships. One of the major activities seen on this day is that women leave their husbands and boyfriends for a day and hang out with their female friends. They do breakfast together, eat, drink and shop together.

Galentine’s Day is celebrated to show how important is women for women. We see a trend where women are dependent on men for their needs but specifically on Galentine’s Day it is observed to support women and their togetherness. It is a day that portrays women’s strength and power. This day is celebrated to show the strong and true love between two female friends.

Plan a Wonderful Virtual Galentine’s Day Celebration

Virtual Galentine’s Day:

Because of COIVD, we are planning our meetups on video calls and face time. We couldn’t touch or feel our friends physically this Galentine's Day. Though in some areas of the world pandemic is getting back to its place still we need to take care of all safety measure as we are vulnerable to the virus. So plan some good things which you can enjoy virtually even staying away from your best female friends.


Galentine’s Day Celebration:

This Galentine’s Day plans something extraordinary so that you don’t feel the physical absence of your best friend. We have some amazing ideas for you to celebrate this Galentine’s Day virtually. The distance cannot apart from the love and relationship between two, so forget you are far away from each other and connect virtually.

Plan Movie Night:

Distance can’t limit you from watching a movie together. Plan a meeting on any of the social sites and hoop call your female friend. Select your favorite movie and play it. Watch the movie, lighten up your space, bring mood, have some popcorns and enjoy the movie. Discuss the scenes and actions of the characters and laugh at the stupidities. In this way can easily spend this Galentine’s Day along with your female friend without even seeing her in real. This is a good idea for this year.

Plan a Wonderful Virtual Galentine’s Day Celebration

Hang up on a Call:

On this special occasion of platonic friends, recall all of your best and good friends. Hook your friends on a call. Share your experiences of pandemic and your hardships with your friends. Remember! It is a must to make a call on this Galentine’s Day to your good female friends.


Send Happy Mails:

Handwritten notes are always the best surprise ever to your female friends. Write interesting friendship quotes on a piece of paper, draw cartoonish drawings on it, and express your heart out. You need to make it before Galentine’s Day as the delivery could take some long. So plan accordingly and surprise your best female friends with this unique and priceless gift.


Setup your Playlist:

Music is always a must in celebrations. Soo set your mutual favorite songs up on a playlist. Play the music while gossiping and nattering. Every track has its very own story associated with you, so recall those memories while listening to the music.


Share Emotions:

Of course on this special day where you appreciate your friendship and escalate the existence of your girlfriend, you will get emotional too. Don’t break your emotions let them flow. Express the importance of your friend in your life. Tell her that you couldn’t be a better person without her. Tell her that she played a massive role in building your personality. Express that you owe her completely, she means the world to you and she would remain this much important for you in the coming years.

Plan a Wonderful Virtual Galentine’s Day Celebration

Order Customized Gifts:

Every celebration is incomplete without gifts. What if you cannot hug your female friend this Galentine’s Day, what if you cannot hang around the streets, you can always present her gift. Because of COVID, we cannot go for traditional shopping, so order her favorite item online and get it delivered to her place before Galentine’s Day. Ask the seller if they could place a little customized note along with the gift. This little yet beautiful effort could make your day more beautiful.

Plan a Wonderful Virtual Galentine’s Day Celebration

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Show your Female Best friend how much she means to you. Make little effort and surprise her. Enjoy every little thing you guys have and cherish the togetherness and attachment. You guys deserve to be loved by each other. Make this bond, even more, stronger and appreciate each other’s existence.

Cheers to the Happy Galentine’s Day!