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Ways to keep the Canvas Prints Safe

by Iqra Tariq December 15, 2021 3 min read

Whether you've been collecting art for a long time or are just starting, the majority of your collection is likely to be on canvas. Canvas is long-lasting and works well with various paints, including oil and acrylic. If you possess canvas paintings and need to keep them, you must do so with considerable caution. 

It's generally known that all photo prints fade with time, and there is no cure for the passage of time - at least not yet. Printing your cherished photo on canvas, on the other hand, is one of the most remarkable ways to ensure that those vibrant colors won't go away tomorrow. And we've got some excellent suggestions for ensuring that your photo print lasts a lifetime.

Canvas Wall Art Prints:

By the above criteria, practically all canvas goods provided by reputable manufactures for inkjet reproduction are archival. However, their creators know that none can last more than 100 years without noticeable fading unless they are liquid laminated or protected by UV glass.

Unlike traditional canvas painting, canvas prints are created using an inkjet printer and pigments similar to those found on standard paper in your home or workplace. While this is convenient, it also means that printed canvases will fade over time, and sunlight exposure can be extremely harmful.

The lifespan of Canvas Wall Art:

Canvas Prints have a longer lifespan thanks to water-resistant inks. Each canvas we ship is printed with water-resistant ink, regardless of size or design. Canvas print quality is excellent, and the quality of your canvas print determines how long your photo canvas print will last.

Ways to Keep the Canvas Print Safe:

Avoid Sunlight:

All of your canvas artwork should be kept out of direct sunlight. The sun's UV rays can cause your paintings to fade, and the light can also break down the canvas's strength. Your artwork will become more delicate over time, and the colors may fade. This is true not only for storing the artwork but also for displaying it in your home.

Keep it in Dry Place:

Moisture damage to canvas art prints and artwork can be disastrous. Mold and mildew might form as a result. It's pretty impossible to remove the mold once it's on your canvas. Another common problem is excessive heat, and it can cause the artwork to distort by causing the canvas to expand and contract. Keep your canvas art away from humidity and moisture in a fantastic, dry location. A climate-controlled storage facility is a great option.

Cover it with Cloth:

Cover your canvas art prints with a thin cloth to keep them looking good. Anything, including an old sheet, will suffice if it completely covers the piece. When you cover your canvas with a cloth, dust, cobwebs, and filth are prevented from accumulating and settling. This is true not only for storage but also for storing canvas in your closet. 

Avoid storing it on the Ground:

This may sound obvious, yet artists frequently destroy canvas prints in this manner. If you leave your canvas pieces on the floor, they'll be subject to various problems. Whatever comes into contact with the canvas, from spills to vermin, may wreak havoc on the artwork. Look for a canvas rack storage solution to keep your artwork nice and off the floor.